8 Best 3d Printing Pens in 2021 || TESTED”-“REVIEWS


ATTENTION Note: This post is a detailed guide and I don’t want to waste your time. The detailed guide is only made to give full information about the topic.

So let me know if you are new to new to the 3d printing pen world or not?(So that I can take you to the appropriate section directly from here 🙂

It might surprise you if I tell you that you can now create an object in 3d with a PEN!!!!

Wondering how??

 Yes, there is a new technology on the market, and people are going crazy over it. 

You might be an artist or some other person. It doesn’t matter.[This is not an offense to you.]


Because with the help of 3d pen you are going to amaze people around you. You can enhance your creativity to a new level. In this article, I am going to show the best list of the 3d pen in 2020.

So how to find a best among 100s of 3d pens?

Still wondering about which 3d pens to buy?

Well, don’t worry!! You have landed on the right page.

I am going to review about the best 3d pens which are available in the market right now!!!

I bet you it is going to be the best buyers guide on the internet.

It can be a very hectic process for you to find the best 3d pen if you are not much experienced with it.

So, I have brought down a great list of best 10 3d pens which clearly stands out from the others in the market. I will tell each 3d pen first with a short intro and then tell about their features. It will not only give you a better idea of these modern pens but also present you a better view of buying the product. These are the best-tested reviews for 3d pens in 2020.

Below I have mentioned all the pens which I am going to review in this article. If you want to buy directly then just click on the check price link.

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Best 3D Printing Pens 2020

3D Pen Name Weight DimensionsLCD ScreenAmazon Link
Scribbler 3D Pen V367 grams6 x 2 x 4 inches YesCheck Price
CreoPop Cordless Pen 0.7 pounds 7 x 1.2 x 1.2 inchesNoCheck Price
3Doodler 2.050 grams7.4 x 1.7 x 1.7 inchesNoCheck Price
3Doodler Pen 130 grams7.5 x 1.5 x 4 inchesNoView Price
7TECH 3D Printing Pen 65 grams 7.3 x 1.6 x 1.1 inches YesView Price
CCbetter Intelligent 3D Pen55 grams7 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches YesCheck Price
WYJW Magic 3D Pen 0.8 lbs5 x 1 x 1.2 inches NoView Price
BLUCE 3D Printing Pen 48 grams7.9 x 5 x 3 inchesYesCheck Price
LIX Smart Pen 40 grams6.4 x 0.5 x 0.5 inchesLED Heat IndicatorCheck Price

You actually must be thinking what this 3-D printing pen is.

Well actually in laymen words it is a pen which prints in 3 Dimension.

Don’t get confused by comparing it with the kind of pen we mostly use. It is definitely similar to the pen we use but it is different when it is different in a way that it is used as handheld 3D printers.

It is advanced version of normal pens in which plastic is filled instead of conventional ink.

You can say it as bloated version of normal pens.

Let me explain you with an analogy. Consider it as a glue gun which has glue sticks of different colours and smaller tip.

But in this case apart from using it for sticking stuffs, here it is used for drawing things out of it.

It can be used for variety of purpose such as drawing figures and also for artwork.

Interesting thing about it is that it doesn’t require any surface. You can used it as normal pen but keep in mind it will produce output in a 3-D form.

Yes, they have lots of characteristics which make them a great improvement over the normal pen.

To avoid any confusion which you might face and to help you I’ve have made a list of the best 3D pens in the market currently. This way with my little guidance you won’t have to scratch your head and waste time on going through each one of them.

Before moving ahead there are certain things which you need to take care of.

I’ve mentioned below some considerable points before and after buying a pen for you.

3D Simo Multi Pro

The 3D Simo multi pro is a really exceptional product in the market. Trust me if you will compare it with other products then, it surely is way ahead of the competition.

It started to grab a lot of attention from the time it is launched. The reason why it is unique, because after the launch of other products in market. The market had saturated with a number of 3D pens.

But, this product is the answer to the millions of questions that how to overcome anxiety of losing. It is a true gem of lot of people. Even my friend was very impressed with the product. In fact, he insisted to buy one for himself. He said: ” I am willing to invest more because of it”.

But this wasn’t the case with the 3D Simo. It definitely didn’t want to be another book on the shelf. This amazingly beautiful pen is not only designed to allow us to draw in 3D but it comes with various other usages. It can also help us in soldering, cutting, and even burning.

This is not something which is designed with many features just to be used by kids.

IT definitely may not be much use to a kid. It is for professionals for whom all these features in a product will mean a lot. But in case you don’t want a pen which is this much complex then you can look for a 3d pen which is basic. In this case you need to check 3D Simo Basic 3d pen.

This will be the right choice for your kids and it is something which is best suited for kids.

It designed in a way that it has all the basic control functions like temperature and speed. It has no restrictions on filament and it is suited for every type of filament in the market.

It also has its own mobile app.

In this app you can watch tutorials. It can be used to make designs. In this app you can also do a whole lot of other cool stuff. This isn’t like other pen because most importantly it comes with USB charging. It is also portable and has 4-in-one features, cool mobile app. I don’t think there is requirement of anything else here.


  • It is designed to support all kind of filaments.

  • It also has mobile app.


  • Portability is one important feature which isn’t there in it.

1. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen V3 (Amazon link) – World’s First 3d pen

scribbler 3d pen reviewOur first choice for this list is Scribbler V3. It is a renovated version of its ancestor Scribbler Pen series. This pen claims to be the world’s first 3d pen. Till now 3 version of scribbler has already come. It has actually made a significant buzz in the market because of its quality. Apart from providing excellent service quality, it has an impressive hardware build design. You will certainly in love with its design and quality. It provides an easy way of making 3d objects.

Scribbler 3d pen comes with various color options to choose from. You can also use filaments of different colors with this 3d pen. The available colors are Blue, Purple, Red, Green, White (Umm. How do I suppose to show you that!! text background is white of course) and Yellow. So not only the quality it also provides you with various color options to enhance your artistic skills.

Now I would like to talk about the test which we performed for Scribbler V3.

Testing revealed that it is very feather-weight. One can easily operate a pen. You also don’t need to worry about changing the filament. Its designer team has designed it in a way that even a newbie person can use and operate it without much hustle.

 See, how you can be awesome with the Scribbler Pen? 

Being the first 3d pen in the world, Scribbler has really enhanced its quality over the years. During our test, we did not find any much concern issue. It passed out all the test that we performed on it.


I will be more honest with you.

If you are a person who loves to draw in the traditional way then it will take time for you to adjust to the environment. This is not a particular issue because all 3d pens come with a learning curve.

 Rest I can assure you, this is going to be one of the best 3d pens you will ever buy. 

  • An unbelievable weight of just 2.6oz.
  • Highly responsive and easy to use on any surface.
  • It will give status of the device with OLED screen. That makes it highly user friendly device.
  • As I told you earlier it might feel cumbersome and somewhat inconvenient to the traditional artists.

2. CreoPop 3D Printing Pen(Amazon link)– Cordless 3D Pen

So as of now, we have already discussed world’s smallest 3d pen, world’s best 3d printing pen for kids and many other.

Umm… I am wondering!!!

Will this best 3d pens list going to end like this only??

Absolutely not.

Here comes a unique 3d printing pen, which is nowhere similar to the above in many aspects.

Yes!! You heard it.

Most of the 3d printing pen suffer from the heating problem because they need to melt the plastic to keep going.

Now, just imagine.

What will happen if there is no need to heat up the plastic??

 P.S. : Kindly do take your time to imagine. 🙂 

There will not be any heating issue with a 3d printing pen whatsoever.

It is as simple as that.

CreoPop 3d cordless printing pen is based on the same philosophy. It doesn’t require heating up the plastic for working.

So what will happen if there is no heating issue with the pen?

You can work as long as you want.

Also, this will open thousands of other possibilities.

Now I will take you through the concept that CreoPop 3d printing pen uses for work.

It uses Photopolymers. This is a special type of ink and gets liquefying as soon as it is exposed to LED diodes.

So I can see there will be another benefit as well with this pen. You can give this 3d printing pen to any kid without worrying about any heating problems.


In our testing CreoPop 3d pen manages to pass all the test without any hassle. We were a bit of hesitating towards this product because of its different type of ink.

But it doesn’t come in the way of performance.

We didn’t find any downside to this product. If you want to have a stylish 3d pen by which you can work for longer hours then CreoPop is your choice to go.

However, I would like to have your attention on this that the ink needed for this is supplied by only a single company. So you have to order your ink before you end up with your current ink.

Rest I can assure you.

  It is another big unique thing is the 3d printing pen world. Go for it. 
  • Unique design without any cord.
  • We can also use scented inks to create arts that give pleasing scent.
  • We have noticed that object created by it, gives much realistic effect for a longer time.
  • As mentioned, the ink needed for this company is provided by a single company only.

3. 3Doodler 3d Printing Pen–(Amazon link) Comes with 50 Stands of Plastic

3Doodler is the next 3d printing pen on our list.

Would you believe me if I tell you that this comes with 50 filament?

You heard it right.

It’s 50.

I guess you will not.

But trust me!!

It is indeed 110% right.

 It comes with 50 plastic filaments. 
This is the biggest number of filament we received for any unit.

Not only with the quantity, but also is able to amaze us with its high-quality look.

I want you to clear the misconception if you are having about 3Doodler 3d pen, that it is nowhere similar to the 3Doodler 3d printer. 3doodler 3d pen is also suited for adults.

As we know 3Doodler is the first 3d printer in the world. But here we are talking about 3Doodler 3d printing pen only.


If I talk about its design then it is similar to the quality of big giant lix pen which I have already reviewed earlier in this post.

I was just shocked when I found 50 plastic filament with it.

I double checked whether I got it mistakenly or not.

To my surprise, it was not by mistake. It indeed comes with 50 plastic filaments.

The quality of these filaments is also of top notch. They certainly complement this top 3d pen. They are quite easy to replace and the filament doesn’t get clogged easily. Before this post, if you were wondering about what is the best 3d pen, then this is your answer. Although the price is comparatively more than others quality always comes with a price.

During our testing, we found that 3Doodler pass all the tests with quite ease. We tried to work with this pen on different surfaces and found quite successful results. If you are a newbie with these pens then it may take some time for you to get experienced with this 3d pen.

If you have read about 3d pens before then you must have heard about 3doodler vs scribbler & 3Doodler vs Creopop. Well, we think all are great pens. It totally depends on the person’s need. 3doodler is good in many aspects, we can say but others are not behind.

However, if you are a veteran artist and have a handful of experience then it should not be a big deal for you.

To be honest, we at mybestreviewss did not find any significant downside of this product.

  • A unique innovative hardware design.
  • It comes with 50 plastic filaments. This is the highest number of filament we have received with any unit.
  • It will not require any big knowledge for setting this product.
  • If you are a newbie then it will take some time for you.
  • Slightly heavy in comparison to others.

4. 3Doodler 2.0(Amazon link)– (A lot Better than Version 1)

Now we have come to our 4th on the 3d pen comparison list. Earlier I have reviewed about 3Doodler version 1.0. Now, this is a successor to that.

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This version of 3Doodler has made some significant improvement over the previous version. The look has been redesigned and looks quite sophisticated.

This version also comes with 50 plastic filaments.

That’s really great things by the company for its customers.

These are very thick, which makes it quite hard to use them.

Also, it may result in some difficulty to handle, but if you try now, I am sure you will get used to it.

We also got to see a lot more colors to choose from. It also seems that the company is introducing a new filament made up of neoprene and jute which has higher oxygen retention properties. It also lasts longer than normal acrylics.

However, you can buy filament anytime if you want. In the 50 plastic filaments, you will find 25 of type ABS plastic and remaining 25 are of type PLA.

Here is an introductory official video about 3Doodler

Now let’s talk about the testing part this unit. This 3d pen outrank all the record set by its predecessor 3Doodler. It remarkably clear all the test that we performed. We didn’t experience any issue of clogging or too much heating with it. 3Doodler 2.0 is really a great enhancement over the previous version. From the look to performance, 3Doodler team has taken care of everything.
 If you are looking for a stylish and highly useful 3d printing pen then this is your top choice. 
  • Very easy to use i.e. user-friendly.
  • Hardware design has been largely improved.
  • 50 filament are definitely one of the great treat to buy.
  • We are not satisfied with the tip of this 3d printing pen.
  • Although in our testing we didn’t find any noteworthy defection, but my friends were having some issue with this pen.

5. 7TECH 3D PRINTING PEN (Amazon link)

7 TECH 3D printing pen is another big name in this industry. Seeing the heavier and bulkier nature of 3d pens here and there, the 7TECH team came up with the concept of user-friendly and easy to use the 3d pen. It works in the silent mode and doesn’t create any kind of noise while working. This also comes with a number of advanced features that makes it stand out from the other Let’s dig more info about this.

If you are 3d pen users then obviously you would like to work for longer to make perfect objects. Many of its competent pens lack in this sector.

The 7tech pen comes with the best thermal control. Another advanced feature is that it can also notify you if there is any stoppage problem in the filament with its LED.

Is this enough?

If yes then its fine otherwise here is another excellent feature.

 After knowing this feature, I bet you that you cannot resist yourself for buying  

Don’t believe me?

Suppose if you are a newbie to this technology. So in most of the cases, you will have comparatively slow drawing speed than the old fellows. So you will find it hard to draw the object in the beginning. So here what can you do, just try to make a hold on its operating speed for drawing?


Is not it amazing?

It will not only give you better control over drawing 3d objects but also give you better control over the filament consumption.

Hmmm… That was a deep man.

Now I would stop praising it and shift your focus onto the pitfalls of this 3-dimensional pen.

As I told you earlier, it has extrusion control mechanism. It is fine if you are working at moderate speed, but high-speed mode can sometimes have bad experiences. The operating temperature is directly proportional to the melting rate of the filament.

When you are in the high-speed mode, then you will obviously need filament at a very faster speed. It sometimes can raise operating temperature to high. You should take care of your skin while working in a high-speed mode.

Now another thing is that this pen doesn’t come with enough filament. But apparently, you can buy it from the store easily. I think this should not be a big problem for you.

Overall 7 TECH 3D Printing Pen is one of the awesome pen available. Although this pen has downside extrusion control feature which someway overcomes its pitfall. Moreover, it depends on person to person, what they want.

 I would go for 7 TECH 3D if I am somewhat familiar with the technology. 

Here is the quick snapshot of all pros & cons, I just discussed with you.

  • This pen is equally good for both experienced and the newbie artists.
  • It is the device which you can comfortably hold without any hiccups.
  • It has an advanced unclogging system. This is a feature which can stop filament to clog down after cooling down.
  • It has an aluminum cover to protect your finger from the heated nozzle.
  • This comes with full 1 year warranty. So you can obviously can give at least a try to it.
  • In some extreme cases its operating temperature can go beyond bearable temperature.
  • It will take some time for you to get used to this pen.
  • Supplied filament are not enough.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

It is one of the best 3D printing pens which can definitely be at top position.

This pen is suitable for everyone.

That’s the reason why MYNT3D pen is a 3D pen which perfect for professionals as well as kids.

Talking about its features it comes with speed control to fill larger areas quickly.

It is also designs delicately and there is temperature control to avoid over heating by letting any filament of plastic that melts between 130-240 degree Celsius works without any difficulty.

It is designed for using kind of filament you want to use without any restriction. It is completely flexible in terms of filaments. It is portable with perfect design for easy movements.

Heavier, bigger and better yet, it all fits into a small package.

MyNT3D sells these cool 3D pens directly to their customers on their website and it is also easy to buy them on their official shopping channel

Why wouldn’t you want one?

As it play important role in designing.

For powering it always it consists of battery power banks which can be charged using a USB charger.

It is designed in such a way that it can be easily replaced if there is fault in any parts.

Consider a case if you accidentally overheat tip of it then it can be replaced easily. All of it is possible because of its easy design.

It is pretty light weight and weighs just 96 ounces.

This makes it not too heavy and not too light on the hands. Its weight makes it perfectly suitable for 3d printing.

But it cannot be ignored that people have faced issues such as jamming of the flow area because of uneven heating of the filament but that only accounts for about 10% of the users. It happens because of error in setting temperature and speed control.

All these amazing features come along with an OLED display.


  • It consists of LCD display for better user interaction.
  • It can be used by beginners.
  • It also consists of Automatic shutoff.


  • It does not have tapered area to hold pen comfortably.

6. CCbetter Intelligent Pen (Amazon link)

Here comes another big giant from the 3d printing world. The Ccbetter intelligent pen is the same 3d pen which is also known as a JoyLuxy intelligent 3-D pen. This intelligent pen is one of the best in the industry. Great thing is that we were fortunate enough to get a review unit. This has all the features that an awesome 3D pen should have.

How it works?

This pen is not just a normal pen. It is packed with the smart features which let you to edit 3D model in 3D software, print your 3D model on a machine, or create an object in the desktop.

The Ccbetter intelligent pen uses the pen tip to scan the object. Then you can view the surface on which you have scanned as a 3D shape. You can manipulate the shape by moving your hand around. The user also gets the tools in the kit with the pen. So that you can get to create or customize your own tool in real-time.

As the scan is taken using 3d touch technology, the recorded data is converted to a virtual model. The files are displayed on the tablet or computer.

What’s in it?

It has 12 different nibs and 53 designs available on each nib. Each design has its own setting, along with the control for the vibration, which is applied to that particular nib.

Okay. Now let’s have a look at the CCbetter Intelligent 3D pen from Joyluxy.

When you open the packed sleek box of CCbetter, then you will find that it is similar in size to your smartphone. Inside the box, I can see a power brick for power supply. Other then the power brick there are two supplied PLA filaments.

Don’t worry about the filaments.

You can buy one another time when you need to. In our received box Joyluxy was kind enough to include a stand so that I can put it there whenever it is not in use. One thing you will notice that it is equally good for the newbie as well as the veteran artists.

In our testing CCbetter performed quite remarkably.

We try to use it on the different surface which can be sensitive to 3d pen performance.

To our surprise, it performed quite well in all the tests and gave brilliant results.

There is status OLED status indicator which tells you the status of the filament. With OLED, you can quickly know when its filament is good heated and ready. It is a really good feature because we don’t have to shoot the arrow in the dark.

Now let’s have a look at the other side of the coin.

In our testing, we felt that this 3d pen needs some instruction before use. So our team did a good research before using it. So I would like Joyluxy to have more instruction inside the packed box.

I hesitate to say the downside of Joyluxy because it is actually not the one. If I talk about performance then it surpassed all the target we have set for it, in every test.

 If you are a person who is looking for great quality at an affordable price then this is the must have a 3d pen for you. 

  • Its elegant design a certainly a great please for everybody eyes.
  • In our opinion, this is the most stylish pen currently available in the market.
  • The pen holder is an added advantage. You will not see this option with most of the other pens.
  • It takes less technical knowledge to fix it up this pen in case of any tangible problem.
  • Nothing

Packgout 3D Doodling Pen

If you will compare it with other models then you can surely say that it is one of the best of its kind.

Earlier when it was launched it wasn’t as good as the current version.

But after this new launch it really paid off. It is designed to be suited for filaments of type PLA.

Then what’s PLA?

In simple words PLA is a type of environmentally friendly biodegradable material.

It is produced by the heated process of polymerization.

PLA can be processed into three basic filaments: Starch, PLA (Polylactic acid) and Biaxial AGH.

It has a density of 5500 to 7500 grams per cubic centimeter, is transparent and colorless and is non-toxic. It is more environment friendly than ABS.

It is biodegradable because it is made from renewable plant resources.

That’s the reason why when this filament is burnt it will never produce odour and it is also far safer than the ABS filament available in the market.

Out of all its other competitors which are mentioned here, it is lightest pen among all. It weighs only 2.2 ounce.

When you will use this pen, it feels exactly like a regular pen and has a slim body to make designs easier.

In dimension it is 7.2 inches long and 1.1×1.6 inches in girth. It’s pretty good in terms of design. Also this is most likely to be best suited for kids than professionals.

Professionals can select among other products.

It is designed to come with a 240V adapter, and this also does not have USB capabilities. It is one downside of this product like many others.

One thing which should be considered by all 3D pen manufacturing companies is to provide with USB ports.

As it is used universally it makes life so much easier.

There’s restriction on which filament should be used. It is designed such that the pen takes the regular 1.75 mm filament.

There is no other filament which can be used with it.

I mentioned that this is best suited for kids but if you are still more of a professional then buying this for personal use would not benefit you.

Although you can think of maybe gifting it to a beginner.


One thing I really like about it is that it is Lightweight.
It consists of PLA filaments.


It cannot be used for professional use.

7. Lay3r 3D Printing Pen (Amazon link)– Best 3D Pen for Kids

The 5th pen in our list is the Lay3r 3d pen. I and my team were having a really tough time to agree on the point that whether we should test Lay3r or not. Only 2 members of our team were keen on testing this item. Finally, they were able to convince us.

And I thought there is no much harm in giving it a try.

When we tested Lay3r, we were all shell shocked!!!

It reminds us of an old saying that says.


Now I can only say this::: This is a fantastic product.

Okay. Now I will no longer want you all to keep in a surprise. Let’s dig more details about this amazing (really!!!) product.

It is different from the other product which we have reviewed in this series. It is oddly large.

But wait!!!

Don’t just walk away from this product because so were we. Opposed to its big size, it is magnificent in handling and not as heavy as it seems. You can easily use the Lay3r 3d pen without any hassle.

Now here comes a unique advantage over most of the 3d pens available in the market. This is the main reason why I was ready to include the Lay3r 3d pen in this post. This is the best 3d pen for kids in the market currently.

Even if you are of 12 years, then you can also use the Lay3r 3d pen without making any serious error.

 This 3d pen is suitable for people of all ages. 

You can be a new coming artist or a veteran artist. It doesn’t matter. The handling of this 3d pen is so easy that anyone can easily handle this 3d pen. You don’t require special skill to handle (Now you will agree with me).

Last but not the least feature.

It has an inbuilt fan which keeps Lay3r 3d pen cool from heating. So you can operate it easily even after working for a longer time. Okay, this is the last one. Kindly bear with me. It is really worth to know about it.

YOU WILL directly buy it after knowing this feature.

The lay3r 3d pen comes with automatic shutdown feature. If you are not working then it will shut down itself. This is a really phenomenal feature which really strikes us to review it.

If I talk about the less good side of this then I can only say that, it is slightly bulkier in look than other. But again because it has an inbuilt fan in it, I can understand and take slightly big size.

 Overall Lay3r is one of the best in demand 3d pen available in the market. It is worth of every penny. 


  • Highly user-friendly and Easy to use
  • A number of advanced features.
  • Inbuilt fan is an added advantage
  • It comes with one year full warranty
  • Although inbuilt fan is a nice innovative feature but it also slightly increases its size.

8. GENESIS 3D Printing Pen Review (Amazon link)

Genesis 3d printing pen is another great name in the industry. The same company Lasso Labs that made Genesis is also popular for making great 3d printers. Now Lasso labs have launched its first ever 3d pen named as Genesis.

So let’s see how it stands out from the crowd.

Genesis 3D pen has a great design which is really eyeing pleasing. It doesn’t have a tag like the smallest 3d pen as Lix 3D printing pen have but in terms of providing quality, it is not a single penny behind. Genesis 3d pen has different color options to choose from. We got our hands on its black unit.

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During our test Genesis 3D pen managed to perform outstandingly in all the tests we performed in it. It also passed the test for smoothness, filament stuck situation (which we did not experience any.), and heating test.

One thing is quite noticeable about this is that it doesn’t get high temperature rapidly. This is the sector where most of the 3d pens fail to deliver good performance. But this is not the case with Genesis. It comes with the 5 filaments with the box itself.

However, if things got to end up then you can always purchase the separate filament separately.

Genesis 3d pen is highly user-friendly. You don’t require much knowledge of using it.

We weren’t able to find any pitfalls in this 3 dimensional object drawing pen.

This is one of the 3d pen which is able to perform above average in most of our tests. It has really impressed with its great performance.

  • Highly User friendly. Anybody can use it without needing much knowledge.
  • It can use various type of plastic as the filament.
  • Hardware design is eye pleasing.
  • It comes with warranty options. However, we were unable to find the exact period for it.
  • Light weight makes it more deserving candidate.
  • It can also get too much heated if used for too much long time.
  • It is best suitable for small level projects.

9. Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen (Amazon link)- Cheapest 3d pen

Next in the series is Glyby Intelligent 3d printing pen.

It is considered to be one of the best 3d printing pen available in the market.

Regarding look, I would not say that it is as pleasant as Lix previously discussed, but when it comes to performing the task it intends to do, then there is no look behind.

It gave a remarkable well performance in every test we performed.

This Glyby intelligent 3d printing pen world’s cheapest 3d printing pen.

It will cost you around 50$ only.

Don’t think that if it comes with low price then it cannot give good performance. We tested it on every possible surface. It is especially recommended for kids.

So to be honest, if you are looking for a professional project then you should buy another pen apart from this one. Glyby is not certainly a 3d magic pen for professionals. This pen is good for kids only. Glyby has kept many things in mind while designing it for the kids.

However, I would still recommend parent provision for children.

It is really a great 3d printing pen designed for kids. At its price, you cannot complain of more. It has all the features to keep the children busy for a long time. This 3d printing pen will help your kid to develop their creative mind and will open new horizon.

 So, at the end I would like to say, if you are looking to buy 3d pens for your kids then this you should definitely opt for this. 

  • High quality at affordable price.
  • Great design for children.
  • Hardware quality is also good seeing the price.
  • None.

AIO Robotics Premium 3D pen

If you will compare The AIO Robotics Premium 3D pen with other products then surely you will find out that it is probably the slimmest 3D pen available in the market.

This is something which I will definitely prefer to have in my pen. It is so light in weight that it weighs approximately 14 ounces.

This weight can be considered as not too light and not too heavy.

Weight and design makes it just the product to let you move your hand with ease as if holding a regular pen. This pen is not restricted to any particular filament.

It is good thing about this pen is that it does not require proprietary filament and gives you complete choice. In it you can just use any grade of filament. Only catch here is that it can be used as long as it is 1.75 mm in diameter.

If talking about its design and properties then it comes with a 5V DC, 2 Amp and USB charger.

I have observed that not all of them, only few have this kind of capability.

I guess it’s really important to have a USB Type charging port.

It increases the likelihood of keeping the device always charge.

Because most of our other devices which we use in our daily life are having USB ports and many regular phone chargers also use USB. It is also provided with temperature control with 1-degree increments.

There is an OLED display monitor also present in it which helps in regulating the flow speed and temperature of the plastic filament.

When you will receive the product you will see that packaging include 2 colours of PLA filament, a user manual, cable and a charger.

This is really important, it consists of 1 year manufacturing warranty if anything damage will happens.

Trust me all first timers who have bought this are quite happy with the results.

It is awesome for beginners. It also get charged up quite quickly and overall it’s a good 3D pen.


  • It only uses PLA filaments.
  • It is provided with speed control buttons.


  • You can only use PLA filaments.

10. Lix 3D Smart Pen– Most Smallest and Smartest 3D Pen out there

lix-3d-pen-making-gifLix 3d smartpen took the whole world by a storm when it announced the world’s smallest 3d pen ever made. Not only artists but also critics have a high praise for its quality and easiness to use. Lix marketed its product through Kickstarter campaign and raised more than £731,690. Initially, it was not available for consumers to buy but now it is available to purchase. You can order it now.

We at MyBestReviewss tried to have one Lix 3d pen recently for its review. We are glad that company accepted our request for a review unit of Lix.

 Maybe after seeing our previous work?? 

Or maybe seeing our dedicated review team.

You never know, Nevertheless cheers for it to the Lix.

Okay!! Now let me get you a feel of it.  It is also known as a manual micro 3d printer pen .

As I told you above, Lix 3D pen is world’s smallest 3d pen. Now coming to our testing, we didn’t find any issue with the pen. It has passed all the tests we performed with flying colors. Our 3d pen tests include using it in a dark environment, using it in completely pin drop silent environment and many other.

Pin drop silent environment testing is very much useful.

Because many of the 3d pens available in the market get fail in this test. It has really surprised us by going through every test we performed, successfully. It worked like a charm on all the surfaces, we tested.

I would also like to have your attention on its hardware design.  I must say, it is one of the best 3d pen design ever made in the history. Thanks to the designer team of lix .

There is a big difference between the lix and most of the other 3d pen available in the market. Unlike the other 3d pens it comes with an option to charge via a USB cable. Most of the 3d pens need power through a power brick. This power brick takes electricity from an outlet. But if you go for Lix, you don’t have to plug into outlet every time.

A USB cable can charge it.

 Now that’s really a monstrous difference!!! 

You can even use a Power Bank to charge it. That makes it usable even if you are out of electricity.

Is not it awesome??

How can you use Lix 3d perfectly?

You don’t need to train yourself to use Lix 3d pen.

Everything is so user-friendly that from the first day itself you will fall in love with it.

It will take a couple of minutes to heat up. There are LED lights on it which tell you when it’s got the full temperature. Then you can insert the plastic material or thin filament in the back end.

The tiny hole for inserting thin filament is located next to the power port. So, I guess you will not have any difficulty finding in that.

Should I talk about the cons of lix now?

During our testing, we didn’t find any flaws in it. Bottom-up to Lix 😛

However some people have recently complained about lix pen jammed, so make sure to check everything before buying. But I would say, lix pen can give you a real shape to your 3d printing pen ideas.

 So if you are looking for a 3d pen in the market which is good in quality and also the smallest then Lix 3d pens is your choice. 
  • Very light in weight and User-friendly
  • Good hardware quality and design.
  • Ability to heat up and cool down is absolutely great. You don’t need to wait more than a couple of minutes to heat it up.
  • “We were not able to find anything to write in this section. “

Buyer’s Guide for a 3d pen

Now you are familiar with the top 3d printing pen in the world.

In this buyers guide section, I will introduce you to the functioning and some other applications of these pens.

But wait!!!
Before that let me give you a short description of what actually a 3d pen technology is?
Also How you can make the 3d object with a pen?

What the heck is a 3D pen?

A 3d pen is similar in look with a regular pen or pencil. However, it uses plastic rather than using customary lead or ink.

It uses plastic to draw objects.

You heard it!!

Is not it weird?

I think so, but that’s how a 3d pen works for drawing 3d objects.

Now if you are hearing this for the first time then you might be wondering whether it would be too difficult to use a 3d pen? (I was also: P)

 But to your surprise, it is not the case. 

You can use these pens with a lot of ease. There is not much of rocket science behind this.

Of course, you need to hold it just like a traditional pen or pencil you do, and that’s all.

Because the 3d pen is all about creativity and making application with it.

What Can You Do With a 3D pen?

These pens are useful to you in thousands of ways.

Let me talk all things one by one.


First, it lets you draw efficiently with plastic. You can enable plastic to take different shape with your creativity. Another good thing is that you can use it on almost any kind of surface.

You can make different color to make things more realistic and attractive. If I talk about a traditional pen or pencil, then it lets me draw in 3 dimensions only.

But with the help of a 3d pen, you can draw and make things in 3 dimensions as well. It gives a realistic or live feeling to your artwork and 3d drawing.


The second thing is that you can use it to join or fix any already published 3d pen or printer drawing. So you don’t need to manufacture the whole product again and again. You just need to make that part only.

The third thing is that it can be useful to you in your presentation.

 I hope you agree with me when I tell you that your presentation or proposal will look damn attractive and powerful if you do with a 3d physical object. 

Wouldn’t you?

Although 3d printing technology is a new concept in the market, the market has a good competition for it. You will find hundreds of choices for a single type.

Types of a 3d pen

These are mainly of two types viz. Plastic pen and ink pen. Both are good pens depending on the circumstances.

  • Plastic Filament 3D Pen

This type of 3d pen uses plastic filament as an ink to it. These 3d pens are easier for testing compares to ink 3d pens. If you are familiar with the hot glue gun then you will find this type similar to the glue gun. By using this pen, you can draw on any surface and in the air. It really helps you to create a real-time 3d object. All you need is a real creative skill. This will unleash all your hidden potential.

  • Ink Pens

In this type, plastic needs to be melt. This sometimes creates the temperature problem while using. But with the ink types, there is no such problem. These kind of pens are best suitable for young people especially kids. If your kids or younger loves to use 3d technology, Then you should look for these kinds of 3d pens for them.

Working Mechanism for a 3d Printing Pen

I want to make you clear that 3d pen is nowhere related to a 3d printer. Although there is a similarity, we cannot treat these two things as one.

 Similar is that both uses the heating concept in them. 

In a 3d printer, software guides towards making 3-dimensional objects and in the case of a 3d pen we guide it by our hand.

Plastic Filaments

Concept Behind 3d Pen
As I told you earlier, these pens use plastic or lead for its inking purpose. First of all, insert the plastic filament at the one end. In these pens, there is technology which instantly heats up the plastic material and liquidity it enough to take any shape.


Furthermore, it also makes sure that the liquid plastic gets cooled immediately (in a couple of seconds) so that it can hold the form you have functioned it into.

the 3d pen works on almost all the surfaces. So, you will not face any difficulty whether you are inside an open room or in a closed room.

Awesome!! Is not it.

Well, don’t be too shocked because we have watched amazing technology in the earlier too. Like the glue gun, which operates on the same concept.

The 3d pen has the different variant and comes with the different color option.

 It’s the must-have tool for you if you are looking to unleash your creativity and your artistic skills. 

If I talk about plastic filament and design then there are lots of models available in the market. New models are having different look than the old 3d printing pen models. Especially lix 3d printing has revolutionized the look of 3d printing pens. And if we talk about 3Doodler then it used plastic filament ABS and PLA. You can know more about the difference here. This makes 3Doodler work in the open air as well.

Main Motto behind 3d printing pens
There was only one motto behind all this technology i.e. to efficiently make 3d Objects in real time.

Although 3d printing printers have sometimes on the market now if I talk about 3d printing pen then they don’t have a long history. There are a lot of things that can be possible with these pens. Like it can be used as a welding of plastic.

But most of its manufacture doesn’t list this on their sites. The reason is pretty simple, they have not done testing it. Or in another word, I can say that things are not optimized to keep the welding work in mind.

Lix was the first project who started funding before the actual production on the Kickstarter site. 3Doodler has also given notable contribution in printing pen world. Being the first 3d printing printer in the world, it has done its full effort to bring 3d printing technology in manual control. There are many other projects going on in this sector. One of such is Lix tiny project which is in the construction mode from the years now.

Till now I can see only 2 notable improvements in the 3d printing pen world. One is the first one, plastic filament and the other is a cool ink pen. These are only two but seeing such shortage of 3d printing technology, things can be understandable. As we know

Better things take time to happen.

Now I am sure you must be thinking how it works?

Answer of this question is very simple.

For using a 3D pen all you need to do is to fill it with a plastic filament which goes into it through one end. In this pen the regular pen which uses ink is replaced with plastic filament.

I already gave you analogy that it works pretty much same like glue gun. When you insert a plastic filament inside it then it melts it.

Melted plastic is then used to draw anything you want on any kind of surface.

As it is a 3-D pen it doesn’t necessarily require any particular surface.

Surface will be required just for creating a base or foundation of your artwork. Isn’t it easy to do?

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Now that you know how 3-D pen works, what all can you do with it?

I often feel restricted sometimes when I use conventional methods for creating my artwork. I can only perform certain techniques with it.

But when you get a 3-D pen, it creates opening for variety of approaches which can be used.

You will observe that there are many kinds of pen available out there. I will help you in selecting right kind of pen for you.

What to Look for in a 3d Printing Pens?

First and foremost point is to always read the instruction manual which is given with the pen.

It should be used to correctly operate pen.
When buying a pen then always go for a portable pen.
If you are using hot nozzle pen then be cautious in that case. It can result in burning surface and also your skin. Taking precautions is necessary.
For longer life span of pen and better functionality of pen.

You should always use the suggested plastic filament only.
When we buy a mobile phone we look for certain features of it.

Similarly before buying a 3-D pen you are supposed to consider certain parameters.

Parameters which are needed to be considered are given below.

Speed Control

Most of the 3D pens which are available in market come with both speed and temperature control.

So while buying one look for this option surely. It can be found useful in accuracy, boost efficiency and it can increase comfort of drawing.

One more important and important thing is screen. It doesn’t do a good job with the 3D pen, it should be easy to control it.

Like smartphones we should also get a screen for the 3D pen. But first what kind of screen? It should be have 1024×768 pixels and it should be touch screen with 3D view support.


When you design something then stability is important. Your art can be drawn clearly with a steady device. Therefore, always look for a pen which has an ergonomic design and it is not bulky.

Filament Type

I mentioned about filament which is used for performing the artwork. I also told you to always used suggested filament type for longer lifespan. Almost every pen available in market has ABS/PLA as the filament type. You should always go for the one which has both included in it.

That’s why right now our pens are known to use ABS/PLA filament as well as ABS/PSA filament. It is recommended by our pen expert.

How to load up the filament in the pen:

After buying a nice ink pen, the next thing that comes into your mind is if you should load up the ink pen. You must keep in mind that there are three type of loading of an ink pen. Just make sure that the ink you want to load should fit in the pen as shown in the pictures. Just use any one of the type of loading.

Automatic Shutoff

Automatic shutoff is something which we look for in other devices also. Otherwise it can lead in decreasing lifespan of device. If a pen is left idle for a longer time then it can result in heating up of pen. To avoid such scenarios, always select the right one.

3D plastic pen vs. Cool Ink Pen

There are currently two companies which have a significant share of the market. These are 3Doodler and Scribbler. 3Doodler is the best 3d printing pen in the UK currently. Both use plastic filament as an ink supply to the pens. Heating was the biggest problem which every 3d pen suffered In the September 2015, CreoPop 3d printing pen came into the market with the cool ink pen. It has literally taken all the big giants into a surprise by its polymer technology.

Because of the no heating problem in CreoPop, we can also give them to kids.

However, there are also brands that have developed some kind of material that can create solid objects. Prusa is the company that develops those materials, for example, hot-curing resin. The main advantage of these type of pens is the size. They can create objects which are up to 15 centimeters in length. 3doodler is a strong competitor for Prusa since they both come in almost the same size. However, both of them are quite easy to use and create shapes that

Before CreoPop, the manufacturer didn’t provide the draw in the air options to its users. People were only able to draw on the horizontal surface. But when CreoPop came into the market then it provided the user with a choice of a draw in open air. CreoPop uses UV technology to make air drawing possible.

You can go for plastic filament ink or go for polymer cool ink, it totally depends upon your need. If you are looking to experience these pens then I would like to recommend you to 3d plastic pens. And if you are looking for long hour projects then cool ink 3d pens are your top choice.

Additional Features

Drawing 3d objects in real time is the primary function of these pens. But if you are looking to jump into 3d printing world then you need to have some additional feature in the product. Same applies to the customers.

If I want to buy a 3d printing pen then I would look for some other attractive features which company is providing with basic functionalities. I would like to mention some points here which we felt that they give the edge to any 3d printing pen.

Things You Should Look for in a 3d Printing pen

Point 1: Large inbuilt LCD screen for increasing user-friendliness.

Point 2: Filament jamming detection system would be a significant advantage. Because what happens is that we tried to draw objects continuously with it, but nothing happens. So this feature will explicitly tell the user that there is jam detected in the filament and you are supposed to look at it.

Point 3: Standby mode would be another big thing. Some 3d pens are currently providing this feature. This is the feature which I think every related company should implement in their product.

Point 4: Heating control can be provided. If I am buying a 3d pen then definitely I will look forward to the heating issue because this is a sector where most of the pen lacks. As we have seen, the thermal problem can be overcome by extrusion control and cool ink. There can be other options which we can implement.

  • Type of control: If any 3d printing pen is providing more control over the pen then it’s definitely a great thing. It not only controls the speed of 3d printing drawing but also lessens the unnecessary flow of the ink. It also gives the user control over operating temperature. More control also enhances the experience.
  • Design: A modern sleek design of the 3d pen is today’s need. 3d printing companies are finding it hard to deliver look at the quality. Lix even promised to make tiny 3d pen but this project is under construction for years. I doubt if it even sees the sunlight one day. One has to have good hand control over a 3d printing pen but seeing the current scenario I only see a handful of 3d pens which meets this demand. The flow of ink should be continuous and smooth. This also comes under design because if there is an unintended mistake in the design then you cannot make a great 3d pen. Also one should also look for the weight thing too. If you are having the hard time to handle it for a long time then there a serious problem. An appropriate and convenient design is what people look for.
  • Filament type: Filament plays a significant role in the creation of a 3d object. Currently, there are 4 variants for a plastic filament viz. Standard, Composite, Flexible, and Specialty. A filament should be easily replaceable. If it gets stuck inside the pen, then it would create the problem in the long run. So always buy that filament which can be easily replaceable with another filament. Also, try to make a good grip on the pen. Your grip also defines how good your object is going to be.
  • Brand name: As we know 3Doodler company made the first 3d printer in the world. So naturally, people will prefer to buy the 3d pen from the same brand. You should be an intelligent buyer because it is not necessary that if a product is good for the company then every product will be that good. You should check it from another perspective as well. However, if a 3d pen has a good history then it a positive always. Scribbler also provides the 6-month warranty. That also gives the user an added advantage. Lix is also an innovative company that has also made the company to make a big name for itself. If you are looking to buy a 3d pen then you should note down your requirement and then look for the 3d pen that provides these features. Also, keep an eye on the cons of the product and analyze it.

As a great philosopher once said-

Everyone gonna heart you, you only have to find who deserves your sorrow.
  • Check Reviews: Have you heard word of mouth advertisement? This is one of the best and cheapest forms of marketing. Recently in the India, Reliance Jio, A telemarketing company successfully implemented this strategy for the promotion of their 4G plans. They were able to bag more than 5 M customers even before the launch. This clearly shows how effective word of mouth advertisement can be. However, if you are looking for the same in case of 3d printing pen then, in my opinion, you will not get the honest and actual reviews.
  • As we know 3d printing pens are new to this world. Like it is advisable to not to go for the soyan 3d pen. Because there has been a lot of issue people are facing. You can find people searching for soyan 3d pen troubleshooting every other day. So knowledge about these pens and their facility are limited to some persons. You may or may not get the honest review by this. So my suggestion for you to go for some internet reviews across different sites. Make sure these reviews are thoroughly tested. In this way, you can get some good knowledge about any 3d pen. You can also go to Youtube reviews.

Frequently Asked Question related to 3d printing pen

Here are some often asked query regarding 3d pens

#1 When was the first 3D printing pen made?

Peter Dilworth, Maxwell Bogue, and Daniel Cowen from WobbleWorks, Inc., formerly known as WobbleWorks LLC made the first prototype of the first 3D printing pen in the year of 2012. Then they kickstarted a campaign for the mass production of the pen. Then in the coming years, they made 3D Doodler, which is the first known 3D printing pen.

#2 Is it safe enough to leave the pen with a child?

The pen is safe but the minimum age for handling it independently is above 14 years. So, the child must not be left alone with the pen because the heated plastic coming out of the nozzle of the pen has very high temperature and may burn the surface of the skin of the child’s body part if the part comes since contact with the material of the pen accidentally.

#3 Does the 3d pen require any kind of maintenance?

The 3D printing pen is actually maintenance free but it needs maintenance sometimes because the nozzle gets blocked due to leaving of plastic in the pen. The pen may get jammed due to this problem and one has to solve it to fast in order to maintain the lifetime of the pen.

The make and get procedure is simple, easy and secure.

The users have the option of printing three different types of drawings. They are rounded dome, circle and ellipse. This pen is best for people who are in elementary grades or high school.

Why choose Pen Builder Pro?

The firm has been offering great advantage to its customers as they are supplying a huge range of quality products. The prices are high and the quality is high which makes their products unique in the market.

#4 What materials can be used as a filament for the 3D printing pen?

The materials are PLA and ABS. These materials must be used strictly as the filament for the pen as other materials may harm the quality of the pen and the user may not enjoy the warranty period after that.

The standard length of the pen is 0.7 inches in length.

In addition, the company guarantees the quality of the product and if the product is damaged, the company will replace it within 30 days. If the company still fails to deliver the product, the consumer is entitled to a refund.

#5 Can anyone use any other plastic strands with a particular 3d pen?

Any type of plastic strands can be used for the 3D printing pen but by using that, one may surpass the limitations of the warranty of the pen as the plastic may cause damage to the pen. Only filaments which are advised should only be used.

#6 How strong will be the created products?

The strength of the products will totally depend upon the user as the strength is depending upon the material of the product and the structure of the product which the user has made to produce it.

#7 Can the products be painted?

Yes, the products can be painted once the products are solidified and are ready for use. The spray paints of acrylic paints will hold good for these works. The paints should be used which are adhesive to the materials used for making the products.

#8 What colors can be used for the 3D printing technology?

A good variety of colors can be used as the filament for the pen as the strands come in various colors for the user to doodle according to their imagination.

#9 How long can the 3D printing pen be used at a stretch?

Like any other device, it also needs a break. Since the 3d pen is utilizing and working at a very high temperature, it is generally advised to give 30 mins break after a long-term use of about 2 hours.

If you want to use the pen for longer period of time, you have to stand well away from your desk and give yourself some time to cool down.

How Does the 3d Pen Handle Texture and Texturing?

Well, I personally think it handles texture very well. Once the device gets hot, the cold fan starts doing its job and so does the cold shower (conveniently located behind the pen). That’s how the Pen heats itself up.

#10 Do the 3D printing pen emit any harmful gases?

The pen is totally free from emission of any kind of harmful gases. Moreover, the Eco-plastic which the pen uses is eco-friendly in nature and the makers even advise to keep a pot filled with soil and test the product because the plastic breaks down within 45 days from the day after it comes in contact with the soil.

Apart from the QA above, we have also made a full-length infographic about 3d printing for you. You might want to have a look.

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

If you are looking for a small level projects or some artwork that can be made manually then 3d printing pen is the best choice for you. It is somewhat different than 3d printing printer in terms of the control provided. So if you have a complex task then I would recommend you to for 3d printer rather than 3d printing pens.

If you are looking for school level project then I don’t think there can be an any better option than 3d pens.

You can always go for a 3d printer, but it will be a lot of investment for you. If things can work with a 3d printer pen, then I don’t think there should be any problem. The future of 3d printing is really bright. However, I would still recommend going to a 3d printer if the project is being done on a large scale.

Hope you liked this list of best 3d pens.

Tell your experience with us in the comments section below.

Also if you have any query regarding 3d printing pens, then please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

I will do my best to reply every comment asap.

Okay. This is it.

I will again come with a thoroughly reviewed best product list with an epic guide.


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