Pros and cons of Apple TV


Apple TV is a small digital device for streaming media from the internet to your TV. It is a small remote controlled device that is hooked up to your TV. You can listen to music, follow live news and sports, watch movies/ videos and play games as it acts as an interface for you. Through an HDMI cable it can simply hook up your apple TV to your regular TV and then follow the on screen prompts to connect to the internet. You have must require Wi-Fi.

The first apple TV was launched in 2006 and it is the first generation. When apple first launched the new version of apple TV it introduced some excellent features along with a new set top box. Now apple TV is one of the most popular streaming devices as it improves itself. Surely, apple TV has changed the way people used to watch TV. The fresh exciting features of the new apple TV launched in 2015 and it is really exclusive. The starting price of apple TV was £129 in the UK and $149 in the USA. Thousands of users around the world get satisfied with apple TV. The fourth-generation apple TV, powered by an A8 processor is more efficient than the previous A5 processor. Some new apps and the tvOS operating system make it more useful and attractive to customers. Apple TV is one of the ideal streaming TV. There are so many excellent features apple TV has, these are –

1. The new operating system ‘tvOS’:

Apple has added this new iOS based operating system ‘tvOS’ to its set top box. It modifies its interface which is not much different from the previous one. Apple changed its black background into white, it has in-built support for the remote, new improved search facilities and app store.

2. Video and Audio Streaming:

Apple 4K TV is designed to provide good quality content to the users through the internet. It allows users to watch or rent videos from a variety of top TV streaming services or from the iTunes store including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, Sing TV, HBO Go/ HBO Now, Vimeo, Watch ESPN, PBS and Direct TV Now. Some are paid and users have to have their respective accounts.

Apple 4K TV supports on demand content from apps that support content access through cable. The TV universal app which supports on demand content assembles all content in one application. It gives you the freedom to choose whatever you want to watch. Using the podcast app, apple TV provides users with access to their podcast libraries on cloud.

3. Mirroring and casting capabilities:

You can mirror content from an iOS device or Mac on your TV wirelessly through apple TV’s Airplay feature. It is really easy for you if you want to view non streaming content on your TV. Users who have trouble with small displays, Airplay provides users with a magnified display for folks, it allows you to view your browser on a big screen. Airplay supports casting, which you can use to stream audio and video content from your iOS device to the TV. Peer-to-peer Airplay utilizes Bluetooth to connect the iOS device to the apple TV.

Why will you use apple TV instead of regular TV?


Apple TV’s performance is very high. Generally setup boxes work faster than streaming sticks. Another factor to consider is ease of setup and continued use.


Apple TV is cost-effective. If you primarily watch TV using a cable box and have no interest in streaming media, then it’s not worth it.

Playback quality and resolution:

There is a huge difference in picture quality and clarity between regular 1080p- and 4K resolution TVs. Apple TV has full HD support capabilities and makes the best of playback technology. 4K HDR resolution gaming rivals most consoles like PS4.


Apple TV pros

1) 4K Streaming

4K TVs are quite expensive, so apple TV can be a great alternative for you on a budget as apple TV turns your regular TV into a smart TV. It provides you unlimited content streaming from iTunes and also from other major streaming content providers.

2) Design

Apple has an elegant design. Aesthetic appeal is one of the selling points of apple products. Apple TV has nice classy sleek design remote which gives it a royal look and also it works properly and it blends well with most indoor decor.

3) 4K HDR gaming

Apple TV can access a wide range of games in dazzling HD quality. It can handle most of the heavy games on your TV. The apple 4K has a powerful processor that rivals some laptops which handles these heavy games.

4) Easy to use

Apple TV is very easy to use. Apple TV can do many things along with stream movies and TV shows. It adds new features with software updates that can upgrade your device for free. You can use the apple TV as the Center of your entertainment as well as the Center of your smart home.

5) Home Kit

This is the base function for home automation. It simplifies your tasks and makes your life easier in your home. You can control the TV by voice using Siri voice capabilities. Apple’s Siri remote is a game controller also. You can request specific content including podcasts, songs, movies or videos through voice commands. You can able to communicate with smart devices in the home like smart lights through Home Kit.

6) Access to Miscellaneous apps

The apple app store has a range of apps. You can access those apps through apple TV. They include photo sharing, social media, shopping, workout and weather apps.

Apple TV Cons/ Disadvantages

1) Lack of Extras

Apple TV lacks a USB port offering little support for audio and video though the other competitors like Roku and Chromecast gives good facilities. Apple also does not provide processor upgrades for its streaming device. Once you buy it, you have to stuck with it until another upgrade is launched.

2) Reliance on apple products

Apple TV only streams content from the apple ecosystem. You probably won’t get much out of the apple TV if you have android or windows devices.

3) No support for Ultra HD 4K TV

Apple TV doesn’t support Ultra HD 4K TV and better resolutions backed by some of the latest TV sets.

4) No radio apps are available

No radio apps like Pandora and Soundcloud are available in apple TV. Millions of users like these music apps but as apple TV don’t have these apps so it may disappoint you. Amazon video app is also not available for apple TV. The only option to play videos from amazon video app is to play them via Airplay using your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Lots of favourite non-American apps including BBC iPlayer, ABC iView, ITV player, Zattoo, Watchever, ARD, ZDF and TVNZ are not available in apple TV.


I think you like my article. Here in this article I’ve given most of all the advantages and disadvantages of apple TV. After reading this article carefully I think I’m sure that you can able to make your decision that apple TV is useful for you or not, so read the article and make your mind.

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