Best Cydia Apps for iPad

I recently bought an iOS device and I was happy until I found that many apps of my choice needed to be bought.

But, I am not ready to buy those apps and want an equivalent solution to run those apps.

Well, I got the solution. I need to have a jailbreak.

Do you know what jailbreak actually means?

Jailbreak means unlocking the iOS of your iPad or iPhone by various apps like checkra1n, uncOver, etc. so that various free apps from Cydia can run into your device.

With the help of Cydia, you can install the tweaks and the apps that are not authorized by your iOS on your device.

Cydia provides a variety of apps for your iPhone.

Here, I am going to present a list of 10 best Cydia apps for your convenience.

1. WinterBoard

If you like to have customizable graphics then Winterboard is the best option available for you.

It allows to install various themes, change icons of your device, customize applications, styling the font, change the look of your device, etc. It can be easily downloaded from Cydia.

2. Filza

It is one of the Cydia apps which can run perfectly even without jailbreak.

In Apple, there is no option of file management and for this reason, Filza came into run. It offers various features of managing files:-

  • Copying, deleting, moving and renaming files.
  • Provides access to download all the files and see all file types.
  • Helping in compressing/decompressing zipped files.
  • Moving and transporting files.
  • Downloading Debian files and files with .dmg extension.
  • MP3 player is already built-in.

It also supports google drive, dropbox, and many other cloud services. It can be downloaded from IPA File Download and TutuApp Installer.

3. AudioRecorder XS

It is the best call recording app for iOS. It helps in recording the calls from Skype, Telephony, Messenger, FaceTime, etc. You can also sync your recordings in Google Drive or Dropbox account. It automatically records the call once contact is saved for automatic recording. Also, those records can be managed and listened from the embedded player.

4. iCleaner Pro App

It is a must-have app for any iOS. It is very useful in cleaning up and managing the device. It provides cleanup along with proper optimization. It removes all the unnecessary files, unused languages, voice control languages, etc. Along with it, it offers many other features including:

  • Disabling the apps running in the background.
  • Removing the unused languages.
  • Boosting up the speed of the device.
  • Removing the non-retina images and images with less retina.
  • Removes cache files.

5. iTorrent App

This app is installed to support BitTorrent for iOS devices.

It offers to download BitTorrent files from Magnet Link and URL providing many downloading features like background downloading, pause, resume and stop the download, etc.

It supports both light mode and dark mode.

The torrent files can also be added from other apps with the help of the Share menu. It also offers the sharing of files via the app. Once the download is completed, it sends a notification for it.

6. ReProvision

It is one of the best Apple apps that is free of cost providing services like signing up IPA files without a developer account.

There is just a password in ReProvision which is app-specific to sign in to the apps that are not provided by Apple.

This is a great app in terms of security as it signs up automatically without the need for Apple login details.

This app also offers a feature of assigning after how many days of expiration, a re-sign will take place, it also shows the debugs and non-urgent calls.

7. SnapBack

SnapBack is a very essential app in taking a snapshot of the full iOS system and then restore it when needed.

Once a Snapshot is taken, all the files within that Snapshot can be recovered even after the deletion of the file.

It allows creating a snapshot of the drive file system using the new Apple’s APFS feature.

It is also essential in switching between jailbreaks.

8. iFile

Among various apps, Cydia also supports an app that has a built-in image viewer, video as well as an audio player.

There are also many features like PDF files, ZIP files and other files including Microsoft files and HTML documents are also supported in iFile.

There is a pack and unpack option available for ZIP files. These features make it the best file explorer for any iPad or iPhone.

It had made the task of copying, cutting, pasting, compressing and decompressing the files a bit easy.

Also, it fits perfectly with all screen sizes.

Backup for installed applications and Uninstallation is made easier by this app.

In addition to these, there is an option of opening multiple tabs at the same time.

9. Sara

If you have an iPhone, then obviously your Voice assistant is Siri but if you are not an iPhone user, then you can get a Voice assistant in Cydia which is Sara.

It resembles Siri in terms of graphics and User Interface.

It is said as the Siri’s best clone ever made.

It is very useful in controlling the computer, finding any location, sending messages, updating Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts and many choose other tasks by the control of the voice.

There are many other features of Sara like:

  • Setting alarms.
  • Giving weather reports.
  • Checking emails.
  • Calling, messaging.
  • Google anything.
  • Search songs and videos on YouTube, etc.,

10. RecognizeMe 2.0

If you need an extra level of security in your device then you can choose this app.

It recognizes the face to unlock iOS.

There is an updated version of RecognizeMe 2.0 released in May last year, which has a better recognizing algorithm along with speed improvements that in turn made this app as the best choice for facial recognition for security purposes.

Even if your device fails to recognize your face, then there is an alternative of unlocking your device, just by entering the pin.

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