Best iPad Games You Must Have

The PC and PlayStation were a great attraction for teenagers as well as youths.

Due to its physical buttons and graphics, these were high on demand.

But the demand for these remained the same after the introduction of iPads?

The answer mostly relies on the types of games that were in the iPads.

The most popular game of iPad was Angry Birds.

With the expansive display, iPad attracted gamers to make a more visual experience.

This is so addictive for me that I keep on searching for new games again and again.

Some of the games in iPad that topped the list include:-

1. Invisible Inc

I consider Invisible Inc as one of the most exciting games with a cost of $4.99. It is a full fun and adventurous game that randomly generates different levels that lead the gamers to complete the objectives and make their way by avoiding enemies. It consists of ten different characters that can be customized through the missions.

You just need a lot of practice to get used to this game and once you get to know as to how to play, the fun will no longer be waiting for you.

Cost: $4.99

2. Alto’s Odyssey

If you have played Alto’s adventure then you can use its skills to Play Alto’s Odyssey. It is a game full of fun and excitement. It has a lot of new characters that can be unlocked after the completion of every tenth level. Team Alto has put every possible effort to make the game successful like Alto adventure. They introduced eye-capturing graphics with the extra smooth functioning of the game.

It is an endless game where new secrets and surprises can be discovered. It has a lot of goals and a great environment to explore. If you have hands-on backflip, then you are going to get good points for it.

Cost: $4.99

3. Infinity Blade

An action game that is the most popular one is Infinity Blade. It is a full adventure 3D game where the player fights a series of battles. In the battle, the players attack by swiping the screen and tap the screen to block the attacks of enemies. It also has graphics that are attractive enough to make the game look real.

The gamers like this game a lot and it made its good position in the gaming market. After the release of the first version of Infinity Blade, two of its versions are also released.

4. Angry Birds

It was the first game that attracted most of the gamers. It was first released in December 2009 and just after that, more than 12 million copies were purchased from the app store. Initially, it was only for iPad but later on, it became available for Androids also.

The game is all about launching the wingless birds to the pigs on the field to destroy all the pigs. As the player passes the levels and gets advanced to the game, new kinds of birds become available. It is a low price game with addictive gameplay.

Cost: Free

5. Fortnite

It was first released in 2017 and after that, it makes its mark on the gaming market. It has different modes which include Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royle and Fortnite Creative. All modes have different features. In Save the world, there can be up to 4 players in total who fight with creatures the same as zombies. In Fortnite Battle Royale, up to 100 players can play and amongst which, only one will survive till last. In Fortnite Creative, players are free to battle arenas and create world.

Cost: Free

6. Ticket to ride

It is a kind of board game that is available on the iPad. The best feature of this game is that you don’t need to carry board games along with you. The idea of the game is to collect colored cards and build railways to connect different cities on the map. The challenge is to create a long railway between the cities without running out of cars to get more victory points. It is a great game to play with family.

Cost: $ 4.99

7. Hitman Go

It is a kind of puzzle video game released in 2014 for both iPad as well as Android. It has interconnected nodes and lines through which the player or enemies move. The levels in it are arranged like a board game. It has a lot of levels and as the player gets more advanced with it, the more complex the game will become with the introduction of new enemies and mechanics. It is very popular because it is available on mobiles also.

Cost: $ 4.99

8. Asphalt 8: Airborne

It is the most popular racing game released in 2013. It is available for iPad and Android as well. It has several features that attract gamers like its auto-acceleration as well as manual acceleration. The movement of the car is controlled by tilting the device. Also, there is a virtual steering wheel that makes the game attractive and easy to operate.

Asphalt 8 is the eighth version of Asphalt. All the other versions are also a great choice. I remember that it was my favorite game since childhood in which I was addicted to this game-breaking record and getting gold medals.

Cost: $ 0.99

9. Civilization 6

It is the most demanding action game for youths as well as teenagers. Its object is to create a civilization and achieve several conditions of victory. The gamers do this by building new cities, military troops are deployed to attack and defend, trading with other leaders. It is not available for Android. Initially, it was only for Windows and macOS but later on, it becomes available for Linux, iOS, PlayStation, etc.

Cost: Full game: $39.99 and the lowest is $4.99

10. Hidden Folks

If you like hide and seek then it is a relatable game for you where you have to seek hidden objects, characters, and animals. It gives a relaxing experience. The best thing about this game is that the art is drawn by hand in the paper and scanned to get digital images on the computer and its audio is made by the noises from the mouth of developers.

Cost: $3.99

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