Best Tablet with GPS in 2020

GPS tracking devices are used by people to track movement of device or to determine location.

Fun fact about it is that it was originally developed by the US military force for assistance in military operations. Since then it is used for variety of applications.

But question which came into my mind is why do people want to spend money on buying dedicated tracking devices and spend money on paying for map updates?

They have option of buying Android Tablet in almost same amount of money with more features. Tablets with built-in GPS perform same functioning and also give same results. In addition to the functionality it is also provided with extra features such as 3G/4G connectivity.

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In tablet you can browse internet, watch movies, you can check your mails or you can also make your to-do list. In tablet you can always keep sync with all your ongoing tasks. After finding out about this problem and to help you with suggestion of variety of tablets I have created list of tablets along with their features. To make your choice clearer and to avoid any kind of perplexed situation, I have also jotted down pros and cons yoked with all the products.


Google nexus 9 is latest version of tablets manufactured by HTC. It was released year after Nexus 7 with best tablet experience. It is provided with 8.9-inch display with really sharp IPS LCD panel and screen resolution of 2048×1536 pixels whereas aspect ratio of 4:3 same as others. Key features of it are mentioned below.


  1. 8MP primary camera with 1.6 MP front facing camera.
  2. Android V5 OS with 2.3 GHz 64-bit NVIDIA Tegra K1 dual Denver Processor. It can be upgraded to Nougat.
  3. 2-GB RAM and 16GB internal memory.
  4. 6700maH battery and standby time of 720 hours on Wi-Fi.
  5. 1 year manufacture warranty.


  1. Like always it is provided with best battery backup. It is provided with 6700maH which you can use for a lot longer time without charging.
  2. It will always be the first one to update any google OS update which is a huge advantage.
  3. It has a superfast process which gives you a hassle free experience.


  1. Camera quality is not impressive.
  2. Many users have complaint about the display quality which is also not that good.
  3. It is expensive.


I have observed that there are many people who are really obsessed with Samsung and trust its product. So if you are also one of the Samsung fan then this product is right for you. It is provided with built-in GPS which serves your purpose perfectly fine. It was released in the year 2019 with features fit for both productive work and entertainment purpose. It is provided with a pen input which is called as stylus included in the box.

It is provided with all kinds of advance features such as storage of 128 GB which I guess is more than enough. For superfast processing it has 6GB RAM. Not only this it also has a variant with 256 GB storage and 8GB RAM. You can go for it if you are ready to spend some extra amount.

Now talking about display of this tablet, it has 16:10 10.5-inch OLED screen with screen resolution of 2500×1600 pixel resolution. Trust me 10-inch display is good enough to give you a great experience. When its display is combined with 4-speakers which are located along the edges two on each side make your experience even better.

For security purpose it is built-in with facial recognition login system and also in-screen fingerprint scanner. It has Snapdragon 855 processor and battery of 7040mAH which can be used for up to 15 hrs according to company.


  1. 12 MP rear Webcam Resolution.
  2. Adreno 640 graphic processor and 2.84 GHz processor.
  3. 6-GB RAM and 128GB internal memory.
  4. 7040maH battery and average battery life of 10hrs.
  5. 1 year manufacture warranty.


  1. It is provided with stylus and extra keyboard to attach.
  2. It has superfast speedy 855 snapdragon processor.
  3. 4-speakers in it deliver high audio quality.
  4. Its sleek design provides more flexibility.
  5. It gives better performance in gaming and multitasking.


  1. There are other tablets available which provide more developed operating system and app ecosystem in lower price.
  2. There is no headphone jack in it.


Fusion 5 GPS Tablet is an affordable tablet which is preferred by many users because of its ability to give rapid responses and a 10.1†large screen in such an affordable price. If talking about its design then it is included with a slender, sleek and lightweight design which offers a smooth feeling when you will hold it in your hand.

Best thing you will like about it is that it fulfils your purpose of GPS tracking device provided in it. Therefore now it can become your travel and automobile buddy and you can be dependent on it throughout your journey.

There are various tablets available in markets which are available at a very high price but no display protection. This makes it vulnerable when it is not handled carefully. To solve this issue it is additionally provided with display protection which let you give your tablet to kids without worrying about anything. Major key features of this tablet are given below.


  1. It comes with 10.1 inch display screen.
  2. 2 MP rear camera and 0.3 MP front camera.
  3. 1.3 GHz quad core chip processor.
  4. 2-GB RAM and 32GB internal memory which can be expanded to 128GB.
  5. 6000maH battery and average battery life of 10hrs.
  6. 1 year manufacture warranty.
  7. It is built in with Android 5.1 lollipop which can be upgraded to Nougat 7.1.


  1. Best thing about is that it comes in affordable price.
  2. It is built with fast and responsive processor.
  3. Its Design is remarkable.
  4. It also supports full HD video recording.


  1. One thing which can trouble you is battery life. Its battery life is only 5 or 6 hours.
  2. It is not built with great camera pixel quality which is not acceptable.


Dragon Touch K10 is a 10 inch Android tablet which is featured with high quality bright display. It provides you with enough features to perform all common tasks such as browsing online, watching movie, using YouTube or using social networking sites such as Instagram.

It is built with Android version 8.1. It has a micro HDMI which you can use for syncing your tablet movies and videos to TV and also a USB port for charging and data transmission. It has enough storage to keep your files and if you need more storage then you can expand it up to 128 GB.


  1. It comes with 10 inch display screen with 1200×800 resolutions.
  2. 2 MP rear web camera resolutions.
  3. 1.3 GHz processor.
  4. It is provided with graphic processor ARM Mali-T720.
  5. 2-GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory which can be expanded to 128GB.
  6. 1 year manufacture warranty.
  7. It is built in with Android 8.1 Oreo.


  1. Display clarity and visuals are really great. It also has good touch sensitivity also display is good for night time.
  2. It comes in really affordable price and provides enough features when compared with price.
  3. Battery life is also good.


  1. This tablet cannot be used for voice calling as it is not supported with google voice.
  2. Some users felt issues with screen rotation while using some applications.
  3. It does not come with good screen protection. Therefore you need to be little careful while using it.


Neutab N7S tablet comes with cutting edge technologies to provide users with Android 5.1 lollipop which allow users to download variety of applications. Using applications you can play games and fulfil variety of entertainment purpose.

It has 7 inch display which is smaller as compared to other tablets but it provides good colour, rich detailing, crisp texts and vibrant images. It has storage capacity of 8-GB which can be later on expanded up to 32 GB.

It comes under category of budget friendly devices but trust me you won’t get feeling of budget friendly devices after seeing its look and design. It has 30 percent improved performance as compared to other versions of tablets of Neutab.


  1. It comes with 7 inches display screen with 1024×600 resolutions.
  2. 1.5 GHz processor.
  3. 1-GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory which can be expanded to 128GB.
  4. It comes with average battery life of 10hrs.
  5. It is built in with Android 5.1 Lollipop.


  1. It looks simple and elegant.
  2. It is budget friendly.
  3. It has Bluetooth support.
  4. It has decent battery life with Bluetooth support and micro SD slot.


  1. Its design is simple but it is made up of fragile plastic.
  2. It has decent features but nothing spectacular and as a result system memory is low.

There is no doubt in this that after arrival of smartphones and tablets with GPS, market for dedicated is getting slowed. Even though GPS tracking device manufacturers are adding up features and they are interfacing it with more sensors still Tablets will always have upper hand over dedicated GPS device. Major reason which I can infer from it is because of the fact that smartphones and tablets are definitely more versatile and smarter in features.

There are benefits of Tablet with GPS over dedicated GPS tracking device which I have listed below to help you in providing transparency.

  • First thing which I will mention is battery backup. Dedicated GPS tracking devices are not provided with good battery backup when compared with tablet.
  • Another benefit is larger display screen. Tablet have relatively larger screen with respect to tracking devices.
  • Additional applications available in tablet without any doubt provide you more feature as compared to GPS tracking device.

I am pretty sure now you are clear about how decision of buying tablet will be a wiser choice for tracking purpose. It is like one time investment with a lot of perks.


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