Incredible Cool iPad Cases You Must Have!

If you are thinking of buying new case for your iPad and if you are thinking that only limited options available are available then you are reading the right article.

It’s a myth that only few styles of cases are available.

I hope with the end of this article I will able to clarify this myth.

Apple iPads come with affordable price tag, vibrant screen, speedy performance and powerful battery.

That’s why I feel it is equally important to ensure that your iPad is safe from all kind of damages which can happen in commuting and traveling.

To ensure safety of it all you need is a good case which will not only protect your iPad but it will also give a stylish touch to it. One more reason why we need to protect it is because of its large size.

If you will check for cases in Apple store then you might get limited options.

But if you are looking forward to give it a new looks then you need to step out of store and explore.

For you reference I’ve done my search and exploration to find you some of the best cases with best design.

Ipad Cover

Amazon store is the place for finding thousands of results which will definitely put you in dilemma that which one to choose. Also you will be able to find same design in different colours to make sure that you get case which you love most.

You can check on other stores also such as Etsy, Amazon, Best Buy and websites which are popular especially for making iPad cases.

Below I’m going to mention about some of the best iPad cases which I found for different themes.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Apple iPad Cases

I’m a big harry potter fan and I know there are so many potter heads out there.

Therefore, I am starting with iPad case which the entire potter heads will love it.

If in case you don’t like it then you can also gift it to a family member or friend who is big fan of harry potter.

Image result for harry potter apple ipad case This iPad case is my favourite which you can get in on Amazon. It consist of deathly hallows symbol which enhances look of it. If talking about its features then it is a very light case. It consists if access to all necessary buttons and you don’t need to take off the case to charge it.

Also you get option to customize the case with your initials and they will print.

Image result for harry potter apple ipad case Here is another case which you can get from amazon. It is printed with marauder’s map to conceal your iPad with this amazing case.

If you are worried that this is a sticker then it is not a sticker and it will not come off.

There are 3 sections available which allows you to keep your iPad in three varying positions.

It is made up of leather and faux suede.

Smart Cover Alternative with Soft Rubberized Back

Flexible back iPad mini 5 tri-fold case cover

This is an affordable cover which is available on Amazon.

It is made in colour which is appealing to eyes and give sit a simple look. It is also integrated with tri fold functionality.

I am telling you this just so that you know about material used in it. It is made up of soft and flexible TPU.

Because of soft material used in it, it is easy to install and remove.

Back of this case is designed by ensuring that it feels great in your hand. Better grip prevents falling of it from your hand and ensure safety of iPad.

It comes in other colors also which you can check on Amazon.

Floral iPad Mini 5 Tri-Fold Stand Cover

Floral Apple iPad mini 5 tri-fold stand cover for women

It is a case which is available on amazon. It is manufactured by Fintie with floral prints. This floral print is definitely helping in giving case a beautiful look.

Because of the print I am assuming it will be preferred more by the women users.

Though it is beautiful still manufacturer made sure to make it strong.

For strong body it is made up of solid plastic.

Solid plastic in this case helps in enhance drop protection from fall.

There are not any bezels around the screen which allow for unobstructed gesture wipes.

Personalised Genuine Leather iPad Mini 5 Sleeve

Personalized genuine leather and felt iPad mini 5 sleeve - a perfect gift for dad

Leather looks really classy wherever it is used. It can change look of anything. This case is personalised genuine leather case. It is available on Etsy and it is made for iPad mini5 sleeve.

Material which is used in this case is made up of Premium crazy horse type leather and 100% wool felt is also used.

Interesting thing is that you can customize it by adding your own custom text to be stamped on front of the case.

Font which is used for printing is classic serif font. It is multi functional as it consists of two pockets which can be used for business cards and papers. Pockets are available on the both front and back.

Shockproof iPad 10.2 Bumper Case for Kids and Parents

Apple iPad 10.2 shockproof bumper case for kids and parents

It can be used for both parent and kids as it is the best solution for those who want to use iPad together with their kids. It can be really risky to give your iPad to your kids.

They can cause high damage and to deal with it.

This solution is best.

It can be ordered from amazon. It is designed in such a way that unique hollowed-out construction can help in providing grip. Better grip is useful in holding your iPad with one tiny hand.

These raised edges not only help in better grip but also help in providing extra protection against drop and bumps.

Heavy Duty Kickstand Rugged Case with Screen Protector

Supcase heavy-duty iPad 10.2 case with kickstand and screen protector

This case is best for someone who is looking for stylish as well as ultra-strong case.

It is also available on amazon.

This case looks beautiful and incorporated with a stand for support.

As it is mentioned in the name, it also provides screen protection.

If you are wondering how it provides protection to your case then here is you answer. It is designed to offer dual layer protection against drops and bumps.

Fortified bumpers here are then reinforced with polycarbonate outer shell.

As I mentioned that this provides screen protection as it comes with screen protector.

Because of screen protector and dual layer protection, it gives you overall protection.

You don’t need to spend extra money on it.

Multifunctional iPad Sleeve with Large Pockets

Tomtoc iPad multi-pocket sleeve - top-rated on Amazon, perfect for iPad 10.2

This one is multifunctional iPad sleeve which is attached with large pockets for extra advantage. It is another iPad case which is available on amazon and manufactured by Tomtoc. It has two extra pockets attached on the front.

Material which is used for manufacturing of this case is shock absorbing. It is made up of soft fleece material which gives it a feel of touching silk.

A case with smoothness and shock absorbing quality consists of one more layer of protection against bumps and scratches. It is call multifunctional because it serves many purposes such as case for iPad and magnetic closures for the smallest storage allow you to carry your iPhone, cards etc. safely without any hassle.

Polka Dot and Wooden Texture Smart Cover

Polka dot iPad 9.7 slim case and smart coverI’m obsessed with polka dots after seeing how luscious touch it gives to anything on which it is printed.

This case here is available on amazon.

It is a smart cover which is combined with both wooden structure and polka dot prints.

I saw other polka dot cases also but I could found any other case with such cuteness.

I liked it because of wooden structure and gentle white polka dots.

One thing I must tell you is that it is made by Amazon Handmade Artisan.

This can be the reason why you will have to wait a little longer to receive the package.

I guess waiting isn’t a problem when outcome is really amazing.

Personalised Felt Sleeve for iPad 9.7

Dark or light 100% natural felt iPad 9.7 sleeve - personalized to your needs

Choice of material required for case varies with person to person.

Therefore cases are manufactured with material of different varieties.

One of the materials which is personally my favorite is felt.

It gives a comfy touch to your case and looks really pretty as well as simple. This case here is available on Etsy which is available for iPad 9.7.

It is made up of 100% German wool which is extremely smooth.

Specialty of these kinds of felt is its higher density. This combination of smooth and high density gives a simple yet stylish look to your case.

You can also customise it little with the option of adding a leather strap.

Tough Armor Ipad Case Cover with Air Cushion

Heavy-duty tough armor iPad 9.7 case cover

This case is available on amazon and it is manufactured by Spigen. It is designed to shock absorb all kind of damages.

One thing which is interesting about it is that even though it is ultimate shock absorbent still it looks fashionable. It is manufactured with military grade certified Air cushion technology.

This technology plays important role in giving extra protection from all the corners as name suggests.

Speak Case-E

This kind of iPad case is best for people who have kids at their home and they borrow their iPad time to time.

In such cases you will want to make sure that your iPad remain safe and protected from any damage caused by kids.

To keep your iPad protected you can use Speck’s new case-e which comes with thick foam cover which guards your iPad against damage which is caused by falls of up to 6ft.

It is also integrated with detachable arm that lends your iPad a unique touch and also acts as handy way of attaching it to the back of your car seat or else for popping it up on a table.

It comes in various colours and uses EVA foam for making everything comfortable to hold

These were some interesting and stylish iPad cases which you can use.

You can check on amazon or Etsy for detailed description and quality of all the cases.

Before buying one you should be clear with your requirements. It will help you better in selecting the right one for you.


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