How to Fix iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes?

If your iPad is disabled and it says to retry in one minute or even worse if it displays the message ‘iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes’.

You are on the write page because this article is just for you and for those who really want to know tech solutions related to iPad.

This article will discuss all the error that might occur in your iPad, which leads to such mis-hap as well as we will also discuss about the remedies to solve such problem related to iPad disabled and connect to iTunes.

This situation can occur anytime and most commonly, if you have children, who keep on checking your iPad and might have given the wrong passwords for more than one time.

However, this article is to discuss about the issues and their corresponding remedies.

Let us see the type of notification that we see on our iPads:

  1. The first message that gets displays on the screen of your iPad is iPhone is disabled. Try again in 1 minute. This message appears if you give a wrong password once. However, this situation can get even worse.
  2. The second message that gets displays on the screen of your iPad is iPhone is disabled. Try again in 60 minute. This message appears if you give a wrong password more than once. However, the time limit might vary according to the number of wrong passwords given.
  3. Lastly comes the horrifying boss of the entire list of error messages i.e. iPhone is disabled. Connect to iTunes. This message is the most horrible message even experienced by any iPad user.

Now let us discuss why such error messages are displayed and how is your iPad getting disabled:

Most commonly, the reason behind this error message is wrong input of unlocking password for multiple number of times. This can happen due to various causes like wrong entering of password by your children, cases where you forget the password; even someone can try to hack your iPad.

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There are several other reasons also but the above ones are the most common to us.

Your iPad comes with tremendous security measures and that is why multiple attempts of unlocking failure can lock your iPad permanently.

It is designed sophistically to withstand brute-force attempts from hackers.

With the aid of computers, it is super easy to crack any password especially if you have a four-digit pass lock to your device. It takes only 2 mins to crack your password using Brute-force by any computer.

Even human are also capable of cracking your password in just 4 hours and 6 minutes.

The brute-force algorithm is very famous much capable effective in cracking any password within few minutes.

It is also advised to have special characters included in your password so that it makes it tough to get hold of the correct password by the hackers.

Our iOS is deliberately prepared for such security and that is why on multiple input of wrong password your device gets locked and disabled automatically.

Getting your password wrong for 5 times will slow down your pace of password input every time you input a wrong password. The worst case is when you exceed the limit of 10 wrong password and then your device is permanently locked.

How to Stop Your Phone from Being Disabled?

To avoid facing such issues and messages in your iPad in future use a complex password with less alphanumeric values and more characters.

This makes it difficult to crack through your device, the next option is not using any password, and hence there will be no reason to forget your password issue, but we generally do not advice our users to do so.

In case your device tries to unlock itself in your pocket or baggage, then wisely wait for your device to screen off the screen automatically after 30 seconds without trying on your password repeatedly.

Do not worry if you face such issues with your device. You can also change the place for keeping your iPad.

Due to safety measures, users are not allowed to make any changes in unlocking process. Users are not even allowed to access the unlocking time for each entry of wrong passwords.

This security measures are at times very beneficial to preserve your confidential credentials and data in your iPad.

If you have a cloud, access in your device than you can easily open your details using this cloud account in any other device. This will surely protect your data from going into wrong hands.

To enable this option in your device, you have to go to your settings, and then click on Touch ID & Password, now you will have to enter your password.

Once you get your password correctly entered you will see a toggle label which will display “ERASE DATA” option.

Be careful while you are using this option because if you are forgetful then entering wrong password for more than 10 times can led to all data loss from your iPad.

How to Fix a Disabled iPhone?

Each time you enter a wrong password you get a message r again in ‘X’ minutes. This time limit may vary from device to device. Do not just keep trying random passwords once you forget.

Try to wait for some time and try to remember if you are completely out of clue than surely the steps mentioned below will help you to get through such difficulties.

This process is a bit tricky at times so stay calm and read all the steps properly so that you do not mess up. Each step is very important and crucial.

Performing each of them correctly needs proper precautions.

Now we will discuss about the various steps and ways of restoring your device from iTunes.

Unlock Disabled iPad by Restoring from iTunes (Sync Before)

Well always try to keep backup of your data in your iTunes. This helps you to get back all the data from your lost device and locked device. It is not too tough and is easily done with some nominal steps.

You can access your iTunes data in any other device.

Let us follow the steps to do so:

  • Step 1: well it is necessary to have the latest version of iTunes in your PC/Mac device otherwise; you might get some unwanted error while going through the process.
  • Step 2: install the iTunes in your PC/Mac device and connect your disabled iPad using a USB cable or any cable that you use in your iPad.
  • Step 3: once you get the icon of your iPad on the iTunes sidebar, select the icon and enter the “Summary” option.
  • Step 4: now select the option of “Restore iPad”, this will reset your disabled iPad.
  • Step 5: once you have successfully completed the above steps, now choose for iTunes backup and then click on your iPad along with the latest backup. Your iPad will be restored after the successful completion of all the steps mentioned above.

Enter Recovery Mode to Wipe Disabled iPad via iTunes

If by anyhow you are unable to connect to your iTunes, then no worries this method is exactly for you people out there.

For this you have to enter in the recovery mode to remove “iPad is disabled connect to iTunes” error.

Follow the steps carefully given below to start the recovery process:

  • Step 1: Install iTunes in your PC/Mac device.
  • Step 2: now turn off your iPad and enter Recovery mode.
  • Step 3: there are two method of connecting to iTunes after recovery mode is on

1. Face ID – first press both the tops and sides of your iPad along with anyone volume button in your iPad -> wait for some time and your power slider will appear. -> Switch off your iPad by swiping down the power icon. -> connect your iPad with your PC/MAC by pressing top button on your iPad. -> continue holding for some time until “connect to iTunes” screen appears.

2. Home button – first of all turn off your device by holding on the top button in your iPad. Now connect your iPad with your PC/MAC device. Remember you have to hold on the button until the iTunes logo flashes on the screen.

Step 3: you iTunes will now automatically detect your iPad in recovery mode and it will ask you to update or restore the iPad. Confirm your selection by clicking on “RESTORE” option.

Enable a Disabled iPad with Cloud – Find My Ipad

The last and the most effective method that will help you to wipe out your iPad disability is given below. It is all about your iCloud and this process will require your iCloud account.

Before starting with the process you need to make some preparation before that.

First you go to the official website of iCloud i.e. from your MAC/PC or any other iPad or iPhone. Now get your account opened in that device using your Apple account and password.

The most important feature of “Find My iPhone/iPad” is the erase all data from your iPad feature. This can be done without iTunes. However if you have already enabled the “Find My iPhone/iPad” feature then you can follow the steps below to deal with this kind of error.

  • Step 1: open the website and log in with your account.
  • Step 2: once you open it you will get to see different features like “Find iPhone” etc.
  • Step 3: search for the option “All Device” on the top of the page.
  • Step 4: now go for selecting your iPad from the list of all other devices.
  • Step 5: now erase your disabled iPad and reboot. This will just make a factory reset to your iPad and what you get is a brand new iPad.


Therefore, with this, we conclude our today’s topic and I am sure you have the perfect method to get your iPad back from disabled mode.

The methods are easy and effective.

You might find some more methods over the internet but go through it properly before trying them on your device.

Hope you enjoyed the article and have tried to get through your problem. Share the article with your friends and family if they are in need.

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