iPad Not Charging – How to Fix the Issue like a PRO?

Charging have always being an issue to us, from charging your smartphones to laptops.

Proper charging of your device is very important as these devices makes your daily life.

It is important that we take care of our devices and this includes proper charging.

Sometimes we find that charging becomes difficult for many of our daily using devices, one of which is our iPad.

We might find it difficult to charge our device at times.

Sometimes error occurs due to fault in charging device.

In this article, we will discuss about all types of errors and faults that might occur while charging your iPad along with this we will also discuss how to get over such problems.

The saddest part for Apple customer is iPad not charging or charging at a very slow rate i.e. non-charging iPhones.

When your battery is empty, you are stuck with the world’s most expensive charging board or you may say chopping board.

iPad Tablet

Do not panic because this problem is common to every Apple device users.

Apple device has only one weak point and that is poor charging facilities.

This problem is seen in almost every iPhone smartphones and tablets.

The lighting port of an iPad is open to air and hence it is on high risk of getting dust inside which can cause a clog between the connections.

This leads to the assumption that your charger plug is perfect but it is not charging up your device appropriately. We might think that it is caused due to some device error but all our assumptions are wrong.

This article will be all about the failure that can cause such problems of charging in your Apple device. We will also discuss the various solutions to such issues.

This article also discuss a list of remedies and troubleshooting tips to get a hassle free charging of your Apple device. Some of them are a permanent solution while few of them are just a temporary one.

If all the remedies fail to work perfectly then it is advised to complain to consumer rights and repair the malfunctioning of your device.

Also, try to reach out to share your problem with others so that Apple can take correct steps to overcome further issue similar to this.

This can be a serious issue and setting back with them can be hazardous.

Now let us go through the basic problem first that might seem to us a huge one, so we start with the basic one first:

Possible Reasons for iPad not Charging?

1. It might seem stupid but it is important to check whether your iPad is firmly plugged in with the power adapter. Sometimes we also forget to put the switch on. This is at times quite annoying. Check properly the wall outlet before leaving your device for charging. This basic thing thought stupid, yet can led to iPad not charging.

2. It is often found that charging though a MAC charger does not gives you the same percentage of charging as compared to power outlet. MAC charger simply fails to have the same charging wattage.

3. Sometimes, your Mac can show up some kinds of pop-ups or notification when it is unable to charge it. However, this certainly does not happen in all cases. Sometimes it shows up the charging icon but the charging percentage does not increase at the same pace.

4. A small advice try to switch off and on your device at-least once every day. This to some extend helps to cool down your device memory and helps in fast charging. Our RAM gets over loading on excessive use. So just shutting it down for a small period can surely help your device to charge fast at times.

5. Keep in mind it is quite helpful and advisable that if you keep the iDevice screen off while charging you get to see better results than anything else. Keep your phone on while charge allows background apps, screen to drain moderate amount of charging percentage, and it’s needed to be avoided.

Why Is My iPad Not Charging?

If your iPad is not charging then might be the problem is related to these four parts of your iPad.

The components consist of:

  1. Your iPad’s software.
  2. Your iPad charger.
  3. Your Lightning cable.
  4. Your iPad charging port.

Now let us go through all the parts one by one so that we can identify which part of the iPad is creating an issue while charging your device.

Hard Reset Your iPad

At times Hard Restart does a great job.

Due to excessive use, our storage capacity of RAM expands and this at times leads to malfunctioning, causing an issue while charging.

Hold on the Power Button along with the Home Button simultaneously for about 30 seconds or until a logo of Apple appears on the display.

At times when your software crashes turning out our whole display black, you can definitely use this method.

Hard reset can temporarily free any software related issues in your iPad.

Inspect Your iPad Charger

If your iPad software is suffering from fluctuations in power than it might be due to your charger problem.

It might be caused due to your charger issues. This might be hazardous to your device.

If this occurs then your software will automatically prevent you from charging your device through that charger.

To work out such problem try to use different charging devices.

Whenever this happens, I try using my USB port and connect it with my laptop, even at time I try out using wall chargers to charge up my device when I am completely out of options.

So I hope now you found another cause for your device not charging as well as how to solve the issue.

If this also fails to charge your device then just step down to the next troubleshoot problems which is related to lightning cables of your iPad.

Inspect Your Charging Cable

If any fray or discolouration occurs in your lightning cable then kindly avoid using this cable.

Just closely examine your lightning cable to have a check on it. If such a thing happens then might be it time for buying a new lightning cable.

You can either borrow a cable from your friend or just simply buy it from somewhere.

You can get hold of some good lightning cable in Amazon.

If your iPad is getting charged properly by using a new cable then you are quite sure about your problem that the device is actually facing while charging up.

Remember one thing always use MFi-certified lightning cable. If you do not use it, it might be dangerous for your device.

Do not buy any iPad charging cable from local store or any gas station.

They are not an authorized product and may at times cause damage to your device. The internal quality of such product are very low and hence they are dangerous to use.

They causes overheating of your device. You can easily recognize whether the cable is acceptable or not. If your device prompts a message, which says “This Accessory May Not Be Supported” after you plug in the cable.

This means that you should not use the cable or just change the cable.

Always try to have MFi certified cables while charging your iPad.

However if this also fails then follow the next step given below and try to figure out whether this is the cause or not.

Inspect Your Charging Port

Follow few steps to check your charging port is working well or not:

1. Clean out the iPad Charging Port

Using and trying multiple charges is not the entire solution for your device not charging properly.

Sometimes the problem might also occur in the charging port itself. Therefore, if you have tried using different chargers from branded companies then the fault might be in the charging post.

Small dust particles can form a clog at the junction of the connection pin.

There are all total eight small pins inside the connector.

By any how if a small speck of debris get stuck inside the pin or in between the pins then your charging is not be in the same as it was at the beginning.

According to me, it is better to be on the safe side and protect the cable from dust and debris. It is quite difficult to remove them once they are stuck inside.

Sometimes they are just invisible to us. Hence, it is very difficult to get rid of them, try to cover your charging port and use proper iPad covers that restricts the dust from entering the charging port.

Thought this remedy is temporary, still you can give a try to it.

2. How do I clean my iPad’s charging port?

Always use an anti-static brush to clear out dirt from the connector pins. This anti-static brush does not create any electric charge and hence it does not cause any damage to your device.

Whereas normal brush or cotton may get clogged in-between the pins rather than clearing out the clog.

However if you do not have any fancy anti-brush then you can use a new toothbrush but remember it must be new. A used toothbrush can be brittle and small particles might get struck in-between the pins.

However, it is advised not to do so if you are completely out of options then yeah you can try it.

3. Repair Your iPad

Well not every problem of your iPad can be solved by using softwares or troubleshooting steps. Sometimes you might have to get your iPad repaired.

Mostly of the time as observed by various users, your iPad might stop charging properly due to exposer to any liquid substance or excessive moisture.

Due to incorporation of water in the connector port, it might damage the connection between the pins and the connecting port. This damage can be temporary or permanent. It can severely damage the lightning cable of your iPad, which can make it impossible to charge the device.

You can get your device repaired from two different ways i.e. first the Apple Store and second is the Puls.

Well if you have an AppleCare+ insurance then it is the best option you can have in such cases.

Otherwise, Puls is also a very good option available to us. It is a leading smartphone and tablet Repair Company which sends a certified customer care service operate at your location.

They will completely fix your problem and help you tackle minor issues.


I hope your iPad is charging again.

From next time whenever you find an iPad not charging or your friend is finding it difficult to deal with such problem kindly pass on the same remedies and help your close ones.

Hope you enjoyed the article, have a nice day.

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