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Forgot iPad Password- How to Fix with and Without a Computer?

Getting hold of an iPad is something different than protecting your iPad from mischievous children as well from people with dark intensions.

Keeping all this in mind, it is sometimes quite tough to remember passwords.

Not only have one we had to remember so many passwords together including Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Apple declares that the Forgot iPad Password and the iPad disabled error is due to wrong input of passwords for more than six times.

If this happens than it becomes a great problem to reopen your iPad without taking any proper actions.

Well here comes our topic where we will discuss about the error as well as the remedies to such issues.

This article is all about your iPad so get hold of your iPad now because we have come to unlock your iPad.

1. Unlock iPad Without Computer

Way 1: Unlock with Siri

If your A.I is still able to recognize your voice when you can verify then you can use it to verify your device without a computer. Below are the steps to work with your A.I.

  1. Start with installing an application using Siri, which you do not have in your iPad. When you try to do so, Siri will automatically let you know whether you have the application already installed in your device or not. If you do not have the application then let Siri search it in your App store.
  2. When the icon of App Store appears on your device screen, click on the icon and this will automatically open a new window, which will ask you to either select the latest application or update the last application or just simply click the home button twice.
  3. Now it is done. Just put-down up the screen of your device to achieve access over your iPad again.

NOTE: This process only works with iPad having version iOS 10.3.2. The iPad devices, which runs on versions lesser than 10.3.2, will not be able to work with this method.

Even if devices which have versions higher than 10 like IOS 11, IOS 12, IOS 13, etc. will also fail to work which this method.

However if you have iPad which runs of versions different from iOS 10.3.2 then kindly go through the steps follow where we have discussed about unlocking iPad with higher versions.

Way 2: Unlock iPad with iCloud

For this, you must have your Find My iPhone enabled in your device.

This amazing feature can help you to unlock your device even when you forget our password. It is my advice to always keep this feature active.

This feature not only helps you in unlocking your device but it also helps you to locate your device when it is stolen.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Get another iOS device where you have to search a link https://www.icloud.com/, now login in with your original Apple ID and password, which is necessary in this case.
  2. Now search for the option “Find iPhone” and then choose the “All Device” option.
  3. Now click on “Erase iPad” option, which will erase all data from your device along with your password. It can even delete all data stored in your phone. This will help you to recover your iPad.

NOTE: ERASE IPAD IN CLOUD, in case you do not have the Apple ID and the password to your iCloud then this process will not work for you.

Without the password and ID, you will not be able to access anything from iCloud official website.

Way 3: Unlock iPad with Previous Auto Erase Set Up

Well for the step you would need to activate the Auto Erase option in your iPad, without this this process is no possible.

If and only if you have enabled this feature of “Auto Erase” from the settings in your iPad. This feature helps a lot when you forget the password and give wrong password 10 times.

However, remember this process is only applicable if the feature is enabled before the iPad is locked.

Below are the steps to do so, so let us get started:

  1. Go to your iPad setting and select “TOUCH ID & PASSWORD” option in the setting menu.
  2. Now move down in the list, search for the option “ERASE DATA”, and just simply enable it.

Enabling Auto Erase

Well from next time if you forget the password just tap the wrong password 10 times. Once you successfully do so you will get a brand new device, which will have no password lock. This will erase all data from your device so you might lose all stuff from your device.

Part 2: How to Unlock Ipad with Computer?

If the above methods fail than you might need a computer system to get through your iPad password lock.

When your A.I fails and you have not enabled the features to locate your device or any other feature like auto-erase.

Then follow the different ways given below:

Way 1: Unlock iPad Using Fonegeek iPhone Unlocker

Now the only option you can choose is a third-party application in your personal computer. The best application found on the internet is Fonegeek, which is a simple third-party application that can help you to unlock passcode.

It has been used and reviewed by various honest customers and all of them have given positive reviews to this application.

“FoneGeek iPhone Passcode Unlocker” can unlock your iPad in just few minutes. It is capable of unlocking iPads from various types of lock like Face lock, gesture lock, password lock, pin lock, etc. you can even remove Apple account and iCloud account without using the password.

It is compatible in all device models such as iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, etc.

It runs successfully in all iOS including iOS 13 and iPadOS.

Follow the steps to unlock the iPad without the password using the FONEGEEK IPHONE UNLOCKER:

To start with, the process you need to download and install the application in your PC or Mac device. Once you are all set then just follow these simple steps to go ahead with the unlocking process of your iPad.

  1. Run the application in your device and choose the “UNLOCK” option. Now connect your iPad with your system using an USB cable.
  2. Wait for some time and let the application detect your iPad, after that select the “START” option. You might be asked to download and install the latest firmware package, you do not have to panic in such situation just have to choose the right patch and then click “START”.
  3. Once your device has successfully downloaded the patch, now you can select “UNLOCK NOW” option, which will automatically dismiss all password from your iPad.

You can also remove your Apple ID using this application. The procedure is almost same as the unlocking iPad steps. You can even remove your iCloud from your iPad without even using an iPad.

Way 2: Unlock iPad with iTunes Restore

Well you can also try another interesting way by using iTunes. This method is very efficient but it leads to complete loss of data from your device hence this process a bit risky.

Here are the steps, which will help you to unlock your device.

  1. Run the application in your device. Now connect your iPad with your system using an USB cable.
  2. Once your device appears in the iTunes just get the “Restore iPad” option.
  3. Your iTunes might ask you to keep a proper backup of all your information and it is necessary as well as an important step to follow or else you might lose all your statistics memorised by your iPad. If you already have a backup then you can skip this process. It is always better to have backups of all your information.
  4. Select the option “RESTORE” in the confirmation box given below and wait for a while until your iPad resumes automatically after the completion of full restoration process.

NOTE: Once the process is complete, you will get a brand new iPad in front of you.

Fix “Forgot iPad Password” Issue with a Reset

Once you get rid of iPad-disabled error from your device you might want to reset your iPad completely as it is quite beneficial as well as necessary to get over any unwanted stuff stored in your device.

Well to do so there are few simple steps which if you follow can easily get to reset your iPad.

  1. Go to Setting of your iPad through your Home screen.
  2. You will get a drop-down list where you have to select the General option and you will get a reset option after selecting the general option. Choose reset all option and its done.

NOTE: This methods works perfectly on systems that already have a backup of your iPad.

  1. Get hold of tour iTunes when the iPad is disconnected with your computer.
  2. Now let your iPad connect to your computer system so that it can show up in your iTunes in the Device section.
  3. When your iPad is linked to your iTunes then it will show up two options one which asks you to restore your data from your iPad and the next option is to create e new iPad as your iPad is locked.
  4. First, select “SETUP NEW IPAD” and then click “RESTORE” option.
  5. Now you will get a prompt in your iTunes, which will start backing up all the data, and here is the time where you have to work a bit trickily. You have to instantly stop the process by clicking the losing button at the top right corner of the screen.
  6. The next process that automatically commences is the auto-syncing of your iPad data but you have to immediately stop the process in the same way as mentioned above.

If you fail to correctly perform each step in this whole method then you might also fail to remove the password.

This step is perfect to remove your iPad password without formatting or resetting data from your iPad.


Hereby we conclude that yes it is possible to get back your iPad after you forget its password.

You can even recover all data from your iPad after you forget the password.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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