Best Fitness Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Fitness app is an alternative which can help you in staying fit without going to gym, with the help of smartphones.

These fitness apps come with features which are totally dependent upon the subscription you opt for.

Add on features will keep increasing in accordance to increase in subscription amount.

There is no doubt that these apps can be found really helpful for those who don’t have time to go to gym.

There can be various reasons because of which one won’t go to gym to stay fit.

One of the major reasons can be TIME.

Fitness App

People these days are engrossed in their work and they hardly get time out of their fixed schedule.

If work is important then it can’t be denied that health is equally important.

As there is popular saying which says “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.

Technology has allowed people to explore new things and to create new inventions.

These inventions can create a great impact in life of people out there if it is used properly.

As it can be observed these days that technology also has some disadvantages which are spoiling health of people.

Therefore, I feel if somehow we will use technology in a productive way then it can surely help in solving major problems of our life.

One thing which I can’t forget to mention about fitness app and this is something which I like most about it. You can get access to one of the best trainers to stay fit through these apps.

If you are beginner looking for type of exercises which are best to your body or you are a bit more advanced looking for fine tuning your exercise. These trainers through apps can help you in fulfilling all type of requirements.

There are many good fitness apps available for iPhone, iPad and android, that’s why I suppose it’s difficult to choose one among these.

To make your work easier I have done all the research to tell you about best fitness apps.

Also, at later stage of this article I have also mentioned some fitness tips for you which can be really useful for you.

Given below is list of few best applications for fitness which you can refer.



Fitness apps are available in both free and paid category. Fit on is a free fitness app available on both iOS and Android. Trust me if you are looking for a fitness app which is free to use then this is the right choice for you. It is important to realise that it is not necessary to stay fit by following routines of heavy exercise. You can also stay fit by other activities such as dance, yoga, running etc.

This is a great app which not only give you access to exercises but also give access to multiple discipline of fitness through dance and yoga. You can search using specific body part on which you want to focus. If that’s not enough then you can also create your customised programs to reach your goals. You can explore and decide what suits you best. You can refer below features of fit on.

  • As I already mentioned, you can get access to wide variety of workouts. These workouts are prepared and preferred by celebrity trainers.
  • Interesting thing is that you can stay fit without investing money in buying equipment for workout.
  • There’s one option available using which you can decide whether you want to work out alone or with friends. As peer pressure can be productive also.
  • To reach your goal at your pace, you can personalise plans which are tailored especially for your goals.


Sworkit is another fitness app available for different platform which is paid fitness app.

You have to pay certain amount to access all contents of the app. Although there are certain exercises which are available for free.

I personally feel, to leverage full advantage of this application you should opt for subscription. It is important to invest in your health to stay fit. A little investment if both money and time can keep you fit for a long time.

It is designed in such a way that no matter at which stage of workout you are. You can use it like your personal trainer is always with you. It is easy to use.

You have to set your goal and get your training plan. Once you are done with it then start working out. Workout plan is created in such a way that minimal no of equipment will be required.

This way you will be able to take out time for fitness easily.

I forgot to mention but this app can connect you to trainers. These trainers will help you at every stage to strengthen your body and to keep moving in the right direction.

With the help of trainers and training plan you can achieve your goal in no time.

  • Training plan provided by Sworkit are planned to make you consistent.
  • It gives you flexibility to plan your workout routine.
  • You can get one-on-one guidance from certified fitness trainers.

Daily Yoga

Yoga can be beneficial in keeping you healthy, calm and fit. It is proven that few minutes invested in yoga can keep you away from many health problems. Daily yoga is an application available which provides you with series of yoga which you can easily do at your home.

Image result for fitness photos

It consists of yoga which is suitable for beginners as well as to most advanced yogis.

It is integrated with smart coach for helping in choosing which yoga is best for you as per your goal and experience in yoga. It is available in pro version also which can be used for extra features and workouts.

It is also included with detailed health insights.

  • It has more than 100 yoga classes which act as solution for training people at different levels and to deal with people having different understanding of yoga.
  • Records of all your practices are stored on daily bases. It helps you in analysing your performance and amazes you by seeing what you have accomplished in this period of time.
  • It is provided with peaceful music to elevate your performance. This is unique and best feature about it.
  • It has the best community to help you with any kind of doubts you face. You can easily ask your doubts and you can get solutions easily.


GOQii is a smart technology enabled healthcare platform which was founded at California by founder Vishal Gondal. He was former CEO and founder of Indiagames from where he shifted to GOQii by launching it in 2014.

It is popular for providing healthcare coaching service and tracking service through various fitness wearable devices.

It produces different products such as GOQii vital, Run, GPS, HR and Stride.

All products have their own speciality depending upon the user requirements. I’ve been personally using Stride for 1 year. It helps me in keeping track of my running activity.

There are varieties of features available in it starting from healthcare coaching to e-commerce site for buying all healthcare products.

Without any doubt I can say that it is helping people in achieving their goals in a very easy and fun way.

As you get chance to make friends on this platform with whom you can compete. You get GOQii points for every little effort you put in keeping yourself healthy.

These points can help you in earning free gifts or you can get discounts on various products.

One of the major benefits of fitness apps is that you can remotely access training from best trainers. It is definitely integrated with that feature which makes it even better. It is also provided with blog section which you can refer for various training and health tips.

  • It consists of store for buying healthcare products to keep you healthy.
  • GOQii points are virtual cash which are earned by efforts you put into training.
  • Remote trainer assistant for helping you in getting best advice and guidance.

Nike Running

Nike running is free app which is I guess most popular application on the internet available for iOS as well as Android. It is popular because of its simple and easy to handle interface.

Though interface looks simple but it is great looking without any doubt.

It is often observed that when you perform alone then you don’t give your best.

To tackle with this problem, Nike has provided this app with friends on leader board to keep you motivated and pumped up. If that’s not enough then like other applications, it is also provided with Coach Feature.

Coach can help you in achieving your goals with ease and they can keep you motivated always.

  • With the help of Nike run app, you can track your running progress.
  • You can also get training from trainers. Training is suggested to you as per your need and interest.
  • You are provided with guided run. This guided voice can motivate you to run and make you believe that you can do it.
  • Apple music playlist is there for in-run cheers to little harder and farther.

Seven-7 Minute Workout

I discussed in earlier section of this article that people tend to ignore their fitness because of lack of time.

People think that exercise is tedious and time taking process.

Actually that’s a myth which is stuck into minds of people for a long time.

If someone does not have time to engage in hour long exercise everyday then they can definitely go for this app. It is suitable for people who want to spend minimal amount of time in workout.

Seven minute workout is a solution which consists of 14 exercises.

Each exercise takes up to 30 seconds which then sum up to exactly 7 minute.

Hence, this way you have to take out just 7 min every day to indulge into these exercises which are selected in such a way that you don’t have to put in a lot of efforts.

These were some of the fitness app which I liked and I recommend you to use. GOQii is my favourite. It is vital to always keep yourself healthy and fit.

Along with these workout plans, it is important to keep yourself hydrated always. Most importantly always eat healthy.

Right food is the right reason for healthy human being.







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