How to Fix iPhone 6s/6s Plus Touch Screen Not Working After Replacement?

You all aware of the brand value that Apple holds. The brand value is something with which they cost so high that makes it out of reach to a certain section of people.

However, it is not completely brand value they also serve quality products or series to their customer. The influence of apple is so much that some people invest only because of the name attached to it.

For them, features and drawbacks don’t matter in from brand value.

But we know these types of people are pretty much less and the company’s target crowd is us, the one who can afford their products.

However, there can be chances that due to some reason or maybe by mistake your esteemed iPhone fell from a certain height resulting in screen damage. Now screens are something which can’t be avoided.

The minimal amount of scratches is tolerable but when the screen damages, it can’t be neglected as it will provide hindrance in your work.

Moreover, buying a whole new set won’t be feasible due to the money factor but yes there can be smarter and a creative solution to the problem which is to buy replacement screens.

Imagine even after replacement of the screen it is still jot working? Probably it will be the worst nightmare of your life.

The touch sensors aren’t working or may be the touch screen digitizer is not working. What to do next?

Don’t worry guys one has rightly said “every problem has a solution to it” and so is the case with this trouble shooter.

I will be discussing how to fix iPhone 6s/6s plus touch screen not working after replacement.

All you need to do is follow me with this article and you will be able to find the best solution to the problem.

There will be many questions arising like how to conclude if it is good or not?

Is it reliable?

What will it take to execute?

Will it be worth a try?

All your questions will eventually get answered as we move further with the article.


It is sure that the replacement of the screen is a one time investment and therefore makes it even more essential to invest in a proper manner.

At the same time, it should be noted that the replacement of any apple part requires a handsome amount of money.

Most apple users complain that after 2 years they usually face hardware problems.

It is highly recommended that if you are facing such a problem then need not tackle it on a personal level instead take it to the apple store or the local hardware repair shop.

Well, this is the basic advice which is given to you all when you are facing such a problem in your phone but the thing is what to do when even after screen replacement the device is still not responding the way it should be?

No one really talks about this after the stage. It is not a universal truth that after doing the required essentials the device will restart again to where it was left. Absolutely not!

Thus in order to tackle these further causing problems, I will be suggesting some of the solutions to specific problems that might be faced by the user. Let’s get started on this new journey.

Possible solutions

As we have discussed in the above section about the further problems caused.

In this very section, we will be seeing the possible solutions to the problem.

Backlight issue

This can be considered as the primary problem occurring in most of the cell phones after replacement of the screen. There is nothing to do much in this case.

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This occurs when you replace the screen of your iPhone without removing the battery that is the battery is plugged in during the removal process of the screen.

So what happens is that it results in a generation of smoke that is arising from the connectors.

This whole gesture means that the backlight has completely burnt.

Now, what you should do?

In this very case, all you can do is buy a new iPhone screen replacement depending upon the model you are using.

I know sometimes it is not financially feasible to spend a handsome amount of money all over again but then this is the only option left when the problem occurred is so big.

Neglecting it might even result in damage to the complete phone and in that case you have to spend 50 thousand + rather than a few 10ks as of now. Well, the ultimate choice stays upon you only.

The phone might not have been assembled properly

When worst cases are being discussed than in that case this point should also hold a position in it.

However, it is the most practical case out of all the possible cases that we will see further. Like the heading says the phone might not have been assembled properly so what to do now?

All you need to do is remove the brackets connecting all the flex cables, also remove the battery and after doing all this press the power button for around 10 seconds.

This will basically help in draining the battery reserves.

After 5 to 7 minutes reconnect all the cables to its positions and also return brackets to their place.

Reconnect the battery, screen and all you need to do now is turn on your phone.

This simple and handy trick will help in solving your problem and also you need not spend extra money like did in the previous method.

Moreover, it is pretty much easy and less complex method as compared to the above method. Though both of these methods are capable of solving the problem but still in second financially there isn’t any problem. Thus making it a more feasible method than any other method. Less the problem, creative and affordable the solution is.

Power failure

This isn’t a big problem and can be easily solved without doing any extra efforts.

At the point when you notice this issue, your LCD won’t come up after you have replaced the screen. It might be a direct result of poor force circulation.

You should simply a reboot, Switch off your smartphone, remove the battery and hang tight for about a moment before you turn it on.

Software problem

The software which tells you what all can be the possible reasons can itself be the reason for the screen failure.

It might be possible that the touch screen stopped responding when you are using certain apps.

Well, there are chances that the app might be the reason behind it. All you can do is uninstall and then reinstall it.

The steps involved in order to uninstall the apps are:

Step 1: search for the app in the home screen of the iPhone

Step 2: Now press and hold the application symbol until a menu bar pops up

Step 3: click on the delete app option

Step 4: click on the delete option

I hope after this the problem of your screen has resolved but even if certain things are not working properly then in that case message to the app developer. Is it that simple? It depends upon the usage and can be answered.

Flex cable issue

The screen is associated with the motherboard through the flex cable which is secured by the sections to ensure the flex link.

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In the event that the flex link is harmed than in that case, all you can do is buy a new iPhone screen replacement depending upon the model you are using.

I know sometimes it is not financially feasible to spend a handsome amount of money all over again but then this is the only option left when the problem occurred is so big.

And as stated earlier neglecting it might even result in damage to the complete phone and in that case you have to spend 50 thousand + rather than a few 10ks as of now and I am pretty sure that you don’t want to sail in that expensive boat. Well, the ultimate choice stays upon you only.

Defective replaced screen

Well if this is the case then you can surely consider yourself unlucky as this is something which is rarely happened to the customers.

Whosoever has replaced your screen must have replaced it with a faulty one and due to this problem like the touch sensors aren’t working or may be the touch screen digitizer is not working.

In this very case, all you can do is first curse the person who did this and then do revisit the shop or showroom from where you have replaced the screen. Show them the bill proof and the defective screen as well. They will look into it and then might refund your money or replace it with a brand new one.

Updating your iPhone

When we are discussing all possible cases than updating your iPhone can also be the reason for your screen not working. Though it is quite rare to happen that touch screen got issues without updating the phone. If you want to do so then follow the following steps:

Step 1: open settings option

Step 2: click on the option General and further on the Software update

Step 3: click on the option to download and install if an iOS update is available on your phone.

See if this method has helped you in solving the problem

Restoring the iPhone in recovery mode

When we are discussing all possible cases than restoring the iPhone in recovery mode.Though it is quite rare to happen that touch screen got issues without updating the phone.

Moreover, the solution might sound drastic but it is quite evident that most of the miscellaneous problems get resolved by using Recovery Mode. Therefore it can be considered as one of the troubleshooters. Follow the given steps in order to execute:


Step 1: initially you have to turn off your iPhone.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your PC. Ensure the most recent version of iTunes is introduced on your PC.

Step 3: After this, press the home tab button present on your iPhone and then connect the USB cable. You have to keep pressing the home button until you see connect to iTunes screen and after this release it.

Step 4: Once effectively associated, you will be provoked with the iTunes brief, saying that “iTunes has identified your iPhone in recovery mode.”

Step 5: Adhere to the on-screen directions to finish the procedure.

Touch ID stopped functioning

The trickiest of all the parts of the iPhone is the home tab button.

All I can say is that pray that nothing happens to this very feature of apple as although it is replaceable but the irony is it is not completely replaceable.

This feature can never be restored to its original state again. There can be many possible reasons for the damage of the home tab button for example broken home button, ripped the cable, etc. But remember the consequence of it.

The sacrifice which you will have to do is the Touch ID thing that Apple provides with its inbuilt home tab button.

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All the features can be performed by the new or rather replaceable home tab button but the fingerprint feature is completely dead because it is a factory build feature and can never be restored.

Above all else, your iPhone’s Touch ID include is intently attached to the Home catch get together.

On the off chance that the specialist supplanted the Home tab of your phone during the fix, this might just be the sole explanation behind the disappointment.

Each Touch ID button is one of a kind segment to an iPhone and is related to a certain chip. Ensuring that each Touch ID is special simply like each unique mark is vital.

This is accomplished by joining propelled equipment and programming innovations. In this way, if a Touch ID sensor neglects to work, the issue may either be because of programming or equipment.

Disturbing or blending parts like numerous experts might want to do results gravely for an iPhone.

On the off chance that you need your phone’s Touch ID to work, you need to return to the specialist who replaced the screen and inquire as to whether he can reestablish the Home button gathering (counting the first Touch ID sensor) to your gadget.

On the off chance that you imagine that the issue might be because of a product or firmware glitch, attempt to reestablish your gadget.

Also do note that restoring the default settings of your iPhone will erase your information (photographs, recordings, contacts, and so forth) so try to back them up before continuing. To reestablish your iPhone 6 Plus, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Settings option present on your iPhone

Step 2: Then tap on the option General

Step 3: Go to and Tap on the Reset option

Step 4: press on the icon representing Erase all content and setting

Step 5: at last press on the option erase iPhone

The procedure may take a few minutes. You will know whether the reclamation is effective once the iOS Setup Assistant is shown.

Now the catch is if there is no software issue then it can be possible that the flex cable that basically connects the home button to the logic board might have been torn or might be not arranged properly (considering the fact that the parts are working properly).


It is pretty much evident that there are plenty of options available for how to fix iPhone 6s/6s plus touch screen not working after replacement.

It is known to us that once an electronic device got damaged and specifically iPhones then it is next to impossible to regain your device like it was before the damage.

The majority of the problems even after getting solved cause several other problems and it is caused by the functional features.

For example: if the iPhone home tab button is damaged then it will lead to damaging touch ID or fingerprint, if ear speaker is damaged then it will cost your face ID, if the motherboard is damaged then IMEI number is lost leading to tracking of your device and even registering in the apple’s server luxury is lost permanently and damaging of the screen leads to sensors issues and vanishing of the option known as Display & Brightness.

However, the above mentioned methods will surely help you to tackle some of the minute problems whereas the problems like these need a creative solution and the majority of the time you will have to end up buying a new smartphone.