Things You Should Know About iPhone Replacement Screen

You all aware of the brand value that Apple holds. The brand value is something with which they cost so high that makes it out of reach to a certain section of people.

However, it is not completely brand value they also serve quality products or series to their customer. The influence of apple is so much that some people invest only because of the name attached to it. For them, features and drawbacks don’t matter in from brand value.

But we know these types of people are pretty much less and the company’s target crowd is us, the one who can afford their products.

Now in this article, I won’t be discussing the only apple.

My emphasis will be what all things you should know about the iPhone replacement screen.

Well, imagine, you are slaying with your brand new iPhone and you are in a full swing of showing off your cell to others and just in the middle of your activity by mistake the esteemed piece of art slipped from your hand and it is about to fall with a handsome height.

After gravity has played its role its time you to see what was the damage caused by gravity.

And by the time you reach the site where it falls, half of the screen is cracked and you can barely see any contacts.

In that case, the first thing after stress will be the replacement of the screen. Which is again though an ideal thought as far as the damage is concerned.


It is sure that the replacement of the screen is a one time investment and therefore makes it even more essential to invest in a proper manner.

At the same time, it should be noted that the replacement of any apple part requires a handsome amount of money.

Most apple users complain that after 2 years they usually face hardware problems. It is highly recommended that if you are facing such a problem then need not tackle it on a personal level instead take it to the apple store or the local hardware repair shop.

Some of the most common problems faced by the apple users are the damage of the screen, battery drainage problem, non functional touch ID, fingerprint biometrics and also non functioning home tab button.

The question now arises is what to do?

What can be done?

There are only 2 possible things which can be done for the replacement of any part of your iPhone:

Official Apple store

Independent repair and replacement shops

Now let’s discuss the further parameters for both of these steps in detail and see which might turn out to be a better option for the replacement.

Official Apple store

At a glance, you all might conclude that this is the only best option for the parts replacement as you will get all the authentic parts and you need not worry about the replaced part. Everything will resume where it was left.

Well, I can only say just think again!

You can approach them in a two way: the first being wherein you can directly reach their centers and the second is to mail your problem.

  • If you choose the first one which most of you will prefer then before visiting them, first you need to take the appointment with the repair executive. When the appointment is fixed you will need to carry your iPhone and invoice with the extended warranty papers if you are having one. After this Apple authorized service provider (AASP) will offer an exchange of the damaged part. They might even repair it if the part is in a repairable condition. Also if it is covered in AppleCare warranty then you might not pay to them but if it is expired then AASP will charge depending upon the damaged part replacement. They will return your iPhone in 10 to 14 working days.
  • Now coming on the second way which is to mail your problem if you live very far away from the apple care center. All you need to do is mail it to the Apple authorized service provider (AASP) with all the details of the phone. They will reciprocate accordingly. If it is covered in AppleCare warranty then you might not pay to them but if it is expired then AASP will charge depending upon the damaged part replacement.

Independent repair and replacement shops

Now coming on the second way by which your problem can be solved is visiting any of the independent replacement shops. They are comparatively faster at work as compared to the official ones.

Some of them might even give you your phone on the same day as well if the replaced part is the camera, home button, battery or charging ports and even motherboard. One thing that should be noted that they don’t use the original brand product. Their substitutes can be the copy or the duplicate and some time 2nd copy also.

Due to this, their prices are also relatively cheap as compared with the official stores’ ones.

The money factor is the only reason as to why people opt for the local independent replacement shops rather than the official store. They ask for big amounts whereas the same work can be done in a lesser amount locally. Time is also a crucial reason because first, you need to make the appointment then they will process it.

At last call you with your problem, whereas over these independent shops things are done hand to hand without any delay.

Let’s move on to the next interesting section of the article.

Facing the reality!

There are a large number of choices for getting your iPhone fixed.

The fix specialists can fix things that haven’t been perceived before.

Be that as it may, in all actuality, certain parts substitution in the iPhone models results in the non-working of certain features.

The vast majority of the components, in an iPhone, are empowered at the manufacturing plant level. These features work just on the BIOS of the Apple gadget and by the in-fabricated metric that the first designer has planned.

What’s more, therefore, considerably after the real iPhone parts substitution, there are sure issues a client can understanding after the fix.

As mentioned above is your problem actually solved?


Now, what does this section offer?

You all must be wondering right?

This is the next step after your iPhone got repaired or the defective part got replaced.

Has everything hot resolved?

Let’s find out.


Unfortunately, even the Apple support team can’t help reestablish the gadget such that it turns out to be completely useful.

This section outlines a portion of these optional issues that you can expect after your iPhone gadget has been fixed or any of the manufacturing plant set iPhone parts substitution has been finished.

No one takes the full assurance of your device even after commencing the details like replacing the default part with the branded or non branded part.

Or maybe by repairing the damaged part. They still believe that it might get disturbed again in the future.

Even after spending a handsome amount of money and time you are not completely sure whether your device will work properly or not.

Now, what can be things you should know about the iPhone replacement screen.

The iPhone Home buttons

The trickiest of all the parts of the iPhone is the home tab button.

All I can say is that pray that nothing happens to this very feature of apple as although it is replaceable but the irony is it is not completely replaceable. This feature can never be restored to its original state again.

There can be many possible reasons for the damage of the home tab button for example broken home button, ripped the cable, etc. But remember the consequence of it.

The sacrifice which you will have to do is the Touch ID thing that Apple provides with its inbuilt home tab button. All the features can be performed by the new or rather replaceable home tab button but the fingerprint feature is completely dead because it is a factory build feature and can never be restored.

Home tab part substitution in all iPhone models above iPhone 6 is alone restorative change. The “TouchID” or “fingerprint” Biometrics won’t work considerably after the part replacement has been finished.

Part damaged: iPhone home tab button

Part replaced by iPhone home tab button/local

Drawback: touch ID or the fingerprint luxury is lost permanently

This is what I was talking about, certain things after getting replaced aren’t completely replaced.

iPhone ear speaker

This one is again quite interesting, for the ones who don’t own an apple but a serious concern for the apple users.

Now the thing is if your device’s ear speaker is damaged and also has successfully replaced.

Due to this your Face ID won’t work. This symptom is shown for iPhone X and all the models above the iPhone x. the reason behind this is that Apple has removed the home tab button from the display screen and instead introduced a new concept known as Face ID.

Now understand the link, the hardware of Face ID is linked with True Depth Camera System which is further associated with the proximity sensor and also light sensor.

Thus when the ear speaker gets damaged Face ID automatically become non functional.

The irony remains the same even after replacing the ear speaker of the device and replacing it with a branded one.

The sound quality will surely improve rather be ore advance and clear than the previous one but that voice quality will take away your face ID thing.

One more reason can be made out is that dot projector and infrared diacam which are basically surrounding the ear speaker become non functional and their non functionality results in another feature that is face ID.

Part damaged: iPhone ear speaker

Part replaced by iPhone ear speaker Phone/local ear speaker

Drawback: Face ID luxury is lost permanently

Again a quality example of, certain things after getting replaced isn’t completely replaced.

iPhone motherboard and IMEI number

There are certain features that do make separate apple from the rest of the crowd.

One of these features is found my iPhone. The work of this feature is to prevent others from using your iPhone without your permission basically.

Talking more about it consider an example that you want to switch off your iPhone and you did so in that case Apple ID is stored and then secured on their servers and your apple ID is linked to the device.

Now all these linking and registering process is done through the motherboard of your iPhone.

I know you all have guessed what’s going to happen further.

Well yes, you have guessed it right, if your motherboard has got damaged or have occurred some problem and it requires a replacement then the replacement is accompanied by losing number present on the motherboard.

Hence the device can’t be recognized as the original IMEI number is lost during the replacement process. One of the finest and supreme features of apple will get lost if any thing happens to your esteemed motherboard.

Part damaged: iPhone motherboard

Part replaced by iPhone motherboard /local motherboard

Drawback: IMEI number is lost leading to tracking of your device and even registering in the apple’s server luxury is lost permanently

Unfortunately, but again a quality example of, certain things after getting replaced isn’t completely replaced.

Screen and sensors go hand in hand

Any damage caused to screen then screen replacement is the easiest option that one can look for and no doubt it is certainly is. But the thing is what occurs even after the problem has a cure.

Screen replacement seems to be an ideal solution to the problem but once the screen is replaced the after effects are sensors issues.

Some of them can be disabling ambient light sensors or can be an adjustment of the screen brightness. In some of the worst cases, the option known as Display & Brightness may not appear.

Though the screen damaging is not so big problem considering the solutions offered yet it too takes a few good features along with it. These types of problems are faced by the iPhone 7 and above models.

Part damaged: iPhone screen

Part replaced by iPhone screen replacement /local screen replacement

Drawback: sensors issues and vanishing of the option known as Display & Brightness.

Again a quality example of, certain things after getting replaced isn’t completely replaced.


As seen from the above points, once there is any major problem in your iPhone and it requires a replacement then do consider these facts because apple has this drawback that even after curing the problem it affects the other working features as well.

Regardless of the input money you put in once the replacement is done of any of the parts, there ought to be an after effect of that problem. If it does not occur then you should consider yourself super lucky.

However, if you do not cure the problem considering the outcome is also not correct as you are not allowing your device to get repaired and in that case, you are damaging your phone even more and it might result into big and not treatable damage which you don’t want to face.

But in the end, the choice is all yours.

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