All things you need to know about 3D Printing [INFOGRAPHIC]

3d printing has certainly revolutionized the way, we think about creation of objects. It looks quite easy if we talk things in 2d world. But when object is created in 3d then it is always going to be a difficult task. 3d printing has taken all this to itself and is producing eye catching 3d objects at a very fast rate. Recently a 3d printer in china made 10 houses in just one day. Those house were made at a cost of only 5K$ per house. Which is quite less compared to their size. Those who are a bit new to the 3d printing world let me explain it in easy way.

3d printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making 3 dimensional real object from a digitally designed file. The creation of 3d object is achieved by using additive process. In the additive process an object is made by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created.

How 3d printing works?

3d printing technology makes object in three steps.

  1. Designing
  2. Printing
  3. Finishing

1. Designing

In this step we design the digital model of the object in computer. In designing we take help from scanner

2. Printing

In the next step, the 3d printer adds successive layers of the object until the final layer. The number of layer for a single object can vary from printer to printer.

3. Finishing

It is last step in 3d object manufacturing. In this extra parts are removed to make the real object. Smoothing of the object is also done in this step.

What is the difference between traditional printing and 3d printing?

Unlike the traditional printing where we use ink to print, 3d printing uses plastic material to make real life objects. Not only this there are many things that can be used as an input to a 3d printer. It totally depends upon the type of object we are making. Like if you are making an human organ then doctor will take human tissue as an ink to the 3d tech. Some other examples are Edible food, metals, wax, polymers and many other.

How 3d printing can change the world completely?

If we talk about manufacturing then 3d printing can really give a nitro boost to all the involved process in it.  3d printing eliminates the need of tooling, machining, handcrafting prototypes.

Medical Sector

In medical field, 3d printing is creating wonders. Recently doctors conducted first kidney transplant using 3d technology.  Doctors are creating dummy patient using 3d technology and creating different experiment. You never know they can come out with a better cure for cancer. Medical students can also better practice different things on these dummy patient before making surgeries on real patient. These will improve the quality of education and will give a good understanding to students of a particular topic. It can really end the need for organ donor. If the limbs are made by using 3d technology then it can literally reduce the cost to 1/10 of present.

Food Industry

Lets talk about food industry now. 3d printing technology is able to create food for you. Edible food can be created using syringes and different inputs to the printer. It can come handy in food decorating too. We can design soft food with some edible liquid without any fuss. It will be more stable and better looking than ever.

3d printer are usually costly and not everyone can afford them currently. You also need to have a good computer designing skill to make a 3d object. If you are looking for a cheaper and easy way to make 3d object then you must look upon these 3d printing pens.  It is new technology in the market which helps you to create the 3d object with the help of a 3d pen.

Riding sector

Riding can be much safer with a 3d printing technology. We can design much better safety parts for everyone with a low cost. Not only road riding but aeroplane traveling can also be made much safer with this jaw dropping technology. This can also make airline travel less costlier and affordable to many people.

Medicine Designing

Doctors can carry out their experiments on dummy patients and can analyze and find out the best ration of different chemicals that works best for patient. These chemicals ratio can further be given to make medicines. These medicine will cure patient fast and in better way than ever.

Here is one info-graphic about all the things you need to know about 3d printing.

3d printing technology

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