5 features of 3d pen you should look before buying   

Although 3d printing technology is new in the market, but many companies have already come forward to make the best 3D printing pen.  The market now has some serious competition for 3d pen. So if you are new to the 3d pens then you will have hard time finding the best among the many. But don’t worry, I have researched and found out some key points that you should look while purchasing a 3d pen.

First let me tell you a brief about 3d pen history.

3doodler is the first 3D pen of the world. If we talk about who is the smartest 3d pen, then this tag goes to Lix smart 3d pen. Recently Microsoft has also come forward with the creative 3D pen. This pen is lightweight and easy to work with. Instead of traditional ink, it uses plastic elements as it’s ink supply. It works on almost every surface, so you don’t have to worry about working on different surfaces.

If you are going to buy a 3D pen then you must read or look for following qualities in a 3D pen.

1) Check the operating temperature range

3D pen works by melting the plastic filament by heating. So if a 3D pen gets too heated with only a few minutes of work then you should not go for this kind of pen. Because you will have to wait again and again after a little use. An ideal 3D pen has a large operating temperature range. You should also check for technical reviews for a particular 3D pen. It will give you a good idea about the pen. Also read full official pen description of the pen before buying.

2) Plastic emanation time

It takes time to get habitual with a 3d pen. If you are new to a 3d pen then initially you will struggle with plastic emation time. Therefore, you must check that plastic emanating should be constant and clear. Many companies are struggling to give the ideal emanation time. You should always check for other people’s reviews of the product.

3)  Cooling time

3d pen works on the heating concept. It melts the plastic filament by heat and gives user the flexibility to shape it. An ideal pen should have a less cooling down time like the lix smart 3d pen. If a pen takes too much time to cool down then you will have to wait quite frequently between your work. It will further decrease your productivity level.

4)  System clogging

Due to the heat, the plastic filament often gets stuck inside and creates problem later on. It can, not only disturb your 3d objects but also gives weird color behavior. Don’t worry this is  a short time problem. Manufacture will definitely come out with a better solution or version of the 3d pen. After-all it has got great future.  iReplacement of the plastic filament is not an effective solution most of the time because this problem will arise frequently. An ideal 3d pen should be capable of handling all clogging related issue.

5)  Warranty

You should always check warranty of a 3d pen. Warranty is not only for 3d pen but also for all products. It can be tricky sometime. Because some manufacturer offer repairing warranty while other offer full replacement facility. It is up to the buyer which he or she should prefer. Read all the warranty related information on the products. You should only buy the 3d pen if you are fully satisfied with the all terms.

Hope these tips will help you to find the best 3d pen in the market. If you have any doubts or query related to 3d pen this you can tell us in the comments below.

Have a great 3d creation adventure!!

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