What is the future of 3d Printing?

3D printing has certainly revolutionized the manufacturing world. It works on the simple concepts. It forms successive layers to create a three dimensional object. People use to call it additive manufacturing in the earlier days. 

If you look back the history of 3d technology, then it all started in 1980s. But only in the last few years it has gathered some momentum. With the advent of 3d printing pen it has really created a buzz in the market. People are knowing these technology in a much better way than ever.

3d technology has lots of other advantages other than creating 3 dimensional objects. It is also being used with nanotechnology and synthetic biology to make production process much efficient and attractive. However if you are looking from a commercial perspective then it may be out of your budget currently. 3d technology is in the state of evolution and it will take some time for it to become less costly.

The best thing about 3d printing is that you can customize the object any way you want. In a 3d printer you need to have some special coding skills to tell the printer for any objects. But this is not the case with this amazing pen. This 3d manufacturing technology is going to automate various repeated manual task and would do production at a much faster rate.

Let see what are the other changes that 3d printing technology can make.

A way to create replacement organs

Bioprinting is an effective way to build live organ or cells that can be used in organ transplant and other thing. You wouldn’t need to search for any organ donor. No only this, this remarkable technology can even repair almost any part of human body.

In the natural organ transplant procedure you will get perfect organ placement if you have found a donor which is compatible to you. It means he or she is almost of the same age, as of you. But with the help of 3d printing we can customize the organ specifically for a particular patient.

Efficient nano-printing

3d technology can also be applied on nano printing sector. The best thing with the automated system is there are very less chance of making error. You just have to instruct and make a perfect looking model one time and then you can rest and let the technology amaze you.  In one speculation it is even said that it things work in the best possible way then it can create batteries that are of the size of  single grain of sand.

Replacement parts of household

Many modules will be available online. Suppose you want to build a household thing in your home then it can be done with quite ease. You just need to download that particular module from the internet and assign the task to 3d printer. 3d technology will do all the work for you and prepare the things.

This process will not only make the whole process faster but things will become more affordable in the future.

Future of designing

Although computer has automated many task and made the life easier for human being, still it needs manual help to various things. You can take example of computer aided design (CAD) tool which can make amazing design. But without manual help it cannot do much task. You can get more information about 3d printing history here.  In the future 3d printing combined with some artificial intellegence can make all thing work for you on automation.

Utilized for building homes

Recently a chinese company has build homes with 3d printer. It is done with the help of material extrusion. Not only it has speed up the whole process but also reduced the project costs significantly. In future we can see many other awesome things.

Let us know what do you think about this revolutionary technology.

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